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Any Updates on Samui


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Personally not been there for a long time.


Used to have a member or 2 that lived there.


All I've heard is that the weather hasn't been great lately...and the Green Mango is about to get bigger....but I assume it is all business as usual there. Same setup, same stuff going down.

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Cheers Faustian.

First went there about 22 years ago, before the airport was built. Had to get a 10 hour overnight train from Bangkok, then a coach trip from the train station to a ferry port and then a 2 hour ferry ride to Koh samui.

Chaweng was almost deserted with just a few beach restaurants then. A real paradise island with very little commercialism and few tourists.

The transformation over the years has been astronimcal, as have the price increases!

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Ok after 10 years of visiting Thailand i am planning my first visit in mid December. i am not looking for naughty action but i am intertested on what to expect regarding hotel, food, drink prices etc. Also what are some good things to do and see there? Is the taxi mafia a real problem similar to Phuket?


whats the tourist scene like? is it mainly young brit males drinking heavily and wanting to have punch ups like pattaya or is it urbane youn italians strutting around?


any info would be appreciated


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I spent a month in samui in 2001 and then again another month in 2006. Throngs of Israeli's on each visit and a nice mix of other nationalities. Much more civil than in Pattaya.


My return to Samui was bitter sweet as the development in chawang had really been ill planned.


Never took a cab while there...always rented a motorbike.

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If you feel comfy on a moto I would recommend staying near the big buddha. If not split your time up between lamai and chaweng...lots of nightlife within walking distance.


I have a special place in my heart for 'the lucky mother' guesthouse in chaweng. It's cheap, simple, and located right across from the main nightlife center 'the green mango'.


When staying at these beach hotels I recommend that you spend 20-30 minutes making sure that all of the dogs that stay there get to know you before you stumble in drunk with a bargirl at 3am. The Lucky Mother has a gigantic german shepard that does a great job patrolling at night. This is a good thing if you make sure he gets to know you and an absolute panic if you do not.


Samuii was really the first place I relaxed and began to enjoy myself in Thailand. I first visted on a whim and found Bangkok to be a disappointment. I fled to Samui and really embraced the idea of sanuk.


I would also recommend that if you are taking a boat to the island take the big boat not the smaller ones. The big boat is a huge ferry that accommodates cars and trucks. The smaller boats accommodate only people, are way overloaded, and I was concerned enough to make sure I had a life jacket. Twice the waves got big enough that water rose over the level of the windows and flowed freely into the boat.


Safety and security in a beach atmosphere is always a concern to me. In BKK I carry my passport but this makes no sense when you are in and out of the surf. The Lucky Mother stafff and management always looked after my valuables and were kind and courteous to me when I needed them.


Have fun!

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