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  1. Very sad news So young too. Rest in peace mate
  2. Nana has become horrible, ok it was already, but its worse. Went there for the first time in 2 years a couple of weeks back, wont go again. Haven't been to Cowboy in a year or two. Pattaya was its usual trashy self last visit (late 2015). And yeah prices are up a lot. Not sure why as the quality certainly isn't.
  3. I've not been there and doubt i'll ever go there, but I know a lady who worked there. She's already gotten herself the ultimate long time. Married some dodgy american chap…..who she met in Hooters. He's rich. And significantly older than her. I predict many years of shopping to be had by both.
  4. Back to the OP. I haven't had anything to do with a BG for a very long time now. Lost all interest due to the fake nature of it all.
  5. ^ What he said.... The bars like to get the girls lubricated. You see some get in to quite a state.....and then some guy takes them off someplace......
  6. I don't go out as much as I used to, but going purely in looks, Nana has the better lookers and there isn't a difference in price. Sad really....Cowboy is a victim of its own success. I used to love it, now I avoid it.
  7. Thailand found over 10,000 new HIV/AIDS patients in 2011 : National News Bureau of Thailand Thailand found over 10,000 new HIV/AIDS patients in 2011 BANGKOK, 10 January 2012 (NNT) - The Public Health Ministry has made public the number of HIV/AIDS patients in 2011, saying over 10,000 new patients were found last year alone. According to the Public Health Ministry, over 1 million people were infected with the deadly disease in 2011, with nearly half still alive. The statistics from January to November 2011 shows more than 10,000 new patients. 25 percent of the patients are worki
  8. Faustian

    Beef Wellington

    Cheers, was hoping for a restaurant recommendation, but none were forthcoming... never mind.
  9. Yes, MICT were blocking this site on TOT for a couple of days. It has returned. No idea why they blocked it, the reason is usually supposed to be due to illegal or offensive material. Anyway, you are back and working...coolness. Lets hope so over-zealous cyber-scout didn't get carried away...
  10. There are a lot of really bored people around.... Can't wait for the next one...any bets on..... Sphinxing? (where you pose like the sphinx in interesting places, like, ummm, Egypt....errr) Arseholing? (where you pose like an asshole, although that one may have been done ... to death...) Follow-throughing? (where you pose like someone who has just shit themselves) Baccara-ing? (where you sit, staring upwards, mouth open, eyes wide) Nana-Plaza-ing? (where you sit head in hands, realising 756 million Baht wont be beat) And on...
  11. Faustian

    Beef Wellington

    I have an urge that I need to purge... Anyone know of a restaurant that produces a fine Beef Wellington in Bangkok please? Done a Google search, but nothing much comes up. Cheers!
  12. http://www.nationmultimedia.com/2011...-30160068.html Next PM expected by mid-August By The Nation Published on July 12, 2011 By mid-August, Thailand is expected to have a new prime minister, officials from the Secretariat of the Cabinet and from Parliament said yesterday. A Cabinet meeting has been scheduled today as the last meeting for the outgoing Abhisit Vejjajiva government. Among items on the agenda is the preparation for the opening of the House of Representatives, said a source from the Secretariat of the Cabinet who asked not to be named. The Election Commission
  13. Looks nice http://travelandlife.net/resorts/saigon-phu-quoc-resort-396
  14. Well, not an iPad. She went along to a school with an iPad 2 to sell this election promise. There were photos for the newspapers. TV crews for the mainstream media. It looked nice. iPad 2!! Wow! The actual promise is a tablet PC, which could be some old Chinese rip-off running Android. Oh yeah and only 1 million tablet PC's, so it is a sure thing that some will miss out. The devils in the detail as they say.... Headline grabbing it was. Misleading it is. How very typical. The Pheu Thai promise that I can't wait for is the 300 Baht minimum wage rise...just how they intend to
  15. The reds have already said they will rally in response to a Dem's win. They have threatened it. I think that can be seen to mean they will make May 2010 look like a picnic. The recent development of red shirt villages is an interesting one. It is almost as if they are forming an army, in preparation for something....! Every piece of analysis by foreign observers suggests that post-election scenarios look bad. If Thaksin wins an outright majority, as is looking increasingly likely, then he will have the mandate to do what he wants. He said he'll be back in December for his daughte
  16. Indeed, one thing is for sure, I will enjoy reminding certain people exactly what they said over and over...you know where and you know who
  17. I've read a lot of pieces on the "bubble" in the Chinese property market and economy and how the entire country could go 'pop' at any second. Still waiting. If it happens, the effects are going to be interesting!
  18. Stick, liked the piece, it explained many things I had heard part of. I hope you can get some closure. There are a lot of really f*cked up people in this world, it is unfortunate when we run into them. I speak from experience. Thailand certainly attracts a lot of weirdos...and they get online and 'act out' their shit upon other people.
  19. Apparently I'm even slower.... Great report as always MN. Sounds awesome! Totally jealous. Thanks as always.
  20. ^ Yeah, that also made me laugh out loud too Blimey! What a read.... NR, Thanks for writing it all. The enormous effort is appreciated. Enjoyed it immensely. Hope you have a great final night.
  21. My god it is hot today. What happened to the cool weather?
  22. Oh you crafty devil! I got suckered into it again. Anyway, just when you thought it couldn't rain anymore....a long comes Typhoon Megi...
  23. Bloody horrible in Bangkok at the moment. Raining constantly...I'm huddled next to the aircon which is keeping me warm at present. I'm thinking of building a fire.
  24. Just to prove my amateur weatherman credentials... It's pissing down here. There ya go, very amateurish of me.
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