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Patters - December


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Last night's intel:


Baby Dolls


Always hopping. By far my favorite bar. Bar fined two girls last night. At least I think I did. I just gave up and toss the Baht in the air and see who's in my bed at the end of the night now.


Super Girls


Not as fun as Baby Dolls. Was there late but still a couple cuties left. Worth a visit again. Bar fine was 600B. They don't give tequila to the show girls. At least these were the observations of the two Baby Girls tax deductions accompanying me.


(I've spent too much so I must now consider this therapy against my tax liability for next year.)




Had a lot of fun in here a week ago. The two girls actually chose it due to a friend. I was curious to see their reactions to the shows that invite you to feel the beating heart of a showgirl through her pussy. Just have to reach far enough.


Turned and left as there were only a few girls but that was due to the hour. Closing seems to be 4AM now?


Silver Star


Popped in here for a draft. Pretty late and only the dancers left. Kind of an odd layout. Of course my entourage knew one of the welcome girls and I asked about the upstairs. She indicated it was only for the girls and not customers? Kinda small venue but I'll try again as I've heard good things.




Did get my pricing wrong on a previous post. I thought my Baby Dolls pull said she had a discounted rate for her own day off barfine of 668 per week but that was a daily rate for her. I guess she has to cover her barfine and also some minimum drink amount.

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20 December


What a blur? Wish I had video.


In my last post I was resolved to butterfly the rest of my time saying goodbye to my Baby Dolls pull. Very sweet girl but she has her visitor and the most precious resource I have is time. I need to get laid and it's been a couple days. I don't wish to be culturally disrespectful to the spirit of Pattaya.


Yeah. That didn't happen.


Baan, Baby Dolls Koh Chang pull, calls about 4pm in the afternoon. She wants me to barfine her and she will arrive at my room about 8pm. I did make an honest effort to say, "here's looking at you kid...." now hop on the plane and I'll go fight Germans but that seemed cold on the phone and I like the Germans rather practical stand on prostitution.


I ask her to come now and she shows up around 6pm with her friend YoYo in tow. Ok. Mai bpen rai. We go across the street from the Apex for a great Thai meal. We eat, laugh and she decides she needs a shower and change of clothes. We agree to 30 minutes to meet back at my hotel. I put my time limit at 2 hours before I leave her ass and set my pussy radar on another target.


Yoyo told me she'd not been at work for three days as, like me, she also had a cold. Yoyo is a showgirl at Baby Dolls and Baan seems especially impressed that a) she can get a beer bottle deep into the recesses of her pussy and B) she has 'no problem' with 'fuck ass'. I think, "Ok I'll strap a board to my ass so I don't fall in but it'll be fun." Tight body but not face.


Anyway my 'real world Thai' 2 hour time limit is almost up when Baan shows at my door. Fresh as a daisy, she has my immediate attention.


I think I've been pretty 'jai dee' paying barfines for the last few days without much to show for it. More particularly without a release which is becoming a bit more urgent wit each passing hour. For this reason I was on her pretty quick even though YoYo was waiting in the lobby.


Yoyo could not come up as the Apex would not admit her without an ID card. She lost her ID card to the police for a motorcycle infraction earlier. If I understood her correctly she can only get the new ID card from her local amphur in Buriram.


I don't 'force' anything in a sexual relationship but I was aggressive and lusty. She was responsive. But she was correct in later saying it was 'different' from before. I hope a starving man

may be forgiven for not using his napkin at his first dinner in some time.


The difference is that we just plain fucked. One of those hot sweaty fucks where she starts asking 20 minutes in if, 'you finish?' with a look of bewilderment in her eyes. For me, this was great. I did want to finish but the little soldier was at full attention and enjoying his job. Jai dee, she wanted to help me finish but has a pain in her side from her period. This led to some frustration and tears.


When I saw her real distress I stopped. No problem. A discussion ensued where I had to protest that I WAS jai dee. I just wanted 'set' very bad. Tears were wiped. Apologies offered.


Ok I was in the doghouse an had to crawl my way out. Showered. Went down to Yoyo STILL waiting in the lobby of the Apex.


This night didn't look all that promising a start. I was wrong.


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20 December - part 2


Off we trot into the night to get a get a Beach Road songtow to Baby Dolls. It's getting close to 11pm and mamasan needs barfine. If mamasan ever wants to quit Baby Dolls I recommend she seek a career in the Thai Internal Revenue services department. He job will change very little.


As we've spent time together, part of the natural discussion has been the exchange of vocabulary. One of these exchanges on more than one occasion has been the word 'loan' or 'borrow'. I hear this word again from Baan after dismounting the songtow.


Apparently YoYo has a current balance deficit with mamasan and Baan has nominated me in the role of Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve. I will loan her the baht for tonight's barfine.


I interpret this as my opportunity to be listed in the 'jai dee' column again after fucking the shit out of her earlier. Ok. It's baht I'll never see again. Mai bpen rai.


We go to Baby Dolls. I pull out the camera and the stills of Koh Chang are a big hit with mamasan and the girls. Mamasan let Baan know she had a long time customer asking for her for three days. Baan appropriately preps me that she may need to say hello but I respond that I'm aware of her job and don't have a jealous bone in my body.


What's the saying? You don't miss the girl, only your place in line.


We drink a bit and Baan holds court in Baby Dolls like a princess accepting the merit of her serfs. Last time she did this I ended up with a 700B bill for discounted (50B vs 120B) lady drinks for half the Baby Dolls staff. So I keep a closer eye on the cheque and pay at more strategic pauses; picking up the barfine for both Baan and Yoyo.


The original plan at dinner was a movie. I haven't seen the new Harry Potter but I was just punting because I thought it bad form to say I'd like to cover you in my sperm for the next six hours.


BTW that is my number once complaint about sex with a Thai woman. They leap out of bed immediately after sex to wash. I like it a little sloppy and dirty for the next go. Oh well.


Anyway on the stoop of Baby Dolls a new plan is hatched. They decide they want to go bar hopping in Walking Street with me. Hmm. I think it might be fun to traverse Walking Street with a few insiders. As Emma Watts Hermione character continues to decline topless scenes I defer to the new plan.


We visit the bars in my list above; drinking and evaluating the competition as we go. I play a game asking them to choose for me to see what they're looking for. It's actually quite similar. A smile is important. A sanook spirit. Silicone is a tool of the devil. It's suggested that I call one over from time to time to 'take care' but I'm not sure how far to press this new found 'openness'.


I really cannot recall at which point in the night Baan suggested I fuck her friend, Yoyo. Maybe because it took awhile to evaluate if this was a genuine offer or a trap for the non-jai dee nature within. At any point it was in my mind when the girls suggested going to 7-11 and drinking back in my room at the Apex.


These things never seem to happen in Ohio.

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20 December - part 3


I didn't realize when Baan and Yoyo left me on the steps of the Apex they were taking their motorbike to 7-11. We'd been drinking all night and by their own declarations they were drunk. I would have stopped them had I realized. Fortunately they returned unscathed ten minutes later with beers, mixers and snacks for the room.


We have a problem. The Apex staff will still not allow YoYo to come to my room as she does not have an ID card. She only has a copy in her home and that not on her. I have a word with the bellhop and night desk clerk. I know the drill. Don't lose your temper. Speak slowly. Better to ask questions than make declarations or yelling accusations.


I both understand and appreciate the collection of ID cards along with the accompanying phone call to the room to make sure everything is 'ok' before releasing the girl. I assume however that should I consent they will waive this measure. I'm wrong.


I ask the night clerk to please explain the policy to me. He states it's for security; my security and everyone else. I explain that I understand it's for my security, which I feel I should be able to waive, and do not understand why it effects anyone else. I mean the rest of the hotel is behind closed doors.


I'm getting nowhere. In a last attempt I politely ask them to have the day manager call me and give them my cell. This doesn't change their position. Comically the bell hop sits pumping a bar bell as though he might need to portray a position of physical strength. Funny.


Later I think I should have either tried a bribe or the 'stupid farang no speak Thai' routine. Oh well.


The girls suggested retiring to Yoyo's home to drink and make merry. Now it's me on the back of a moped buzzing through the Pattaya night with an intoxicated captain at the helm. How do you make this stuff up? Amazing Thailand.


I see my life flash before my eyes as the girls spend more time yammering about the Apex issue than paying attention to speed bumps that threaten to crack my cranium against Thai roadway. We arrive safely. I notice the moon is full and hanging low in the sky about 4AM. It seems an appropriate backdrop for the scene.


Yoyo stays at modest accommodations north of Third Road. When we arrive it's locked up tight. A phone call reveals that the apartments primary occupant is on her way back from a customer on the back of her husband's motorbike. She'll arrive shortly so the girls throw darts and photograph one another while we wait.


It's all Thai the rest of the night so I have time for my own ruminations. The anchor of this little family appear to be a husband and wife. The wife works Beach Road and the husband is a motorcycle taxi driver on Soi 9. I see a baby blanket on the clothes line but no baby. They seem sabbai in this relationship so foreign to me. I'm still letting it all sink in.


Yoyo shares a room with at least two other Thai women. They both also work Beach Road I'm later told when I inquire of Baan.


Money is solicited for beer and Pee runs out for more drinks. I only have a 1000B note but hand it over to receive exact change and a receipt. I pocket it without looking until the next morning but my experience is that the Thai spirit at this level can be trusted. It's outside the normal tourist trap. Casual. Communal.


Beers and snacks soon include omelettes, som tam and soup. Everyone chattering along about their day. I catch about 5% of it listening intently for the phrase 'falang' and amounts of money that I'm competent enough to pick out of the rapid Thai conversation. I seem to gain the 'jai dee' stamp of approval for my Thai greetings, love of Thai food and picking up the tab.


Somewhere Baan begins to adopt that 'take care' element that was missing on Koh Chang as she clips my nails while waiting for food and beer. Maybe she just needed to be more comfortable and in her element.


About 6AM we say good night and mount the motorbike for the hike back to the Apex. I'm told she will stay and sleep but no boom boom. After my last faux pas I simply nod consent. I am disappointed that her sleep was both clothed and brief. She wakes at 8AM.


I'm bleeding baht. Yes. I realize that a bit of overtime at work would cover my entire vacation but on principle alone I'm concerned about a perceived metamorphosis from 'falang jai dee' into 'falang walking ATM'.


She wants 500B. To myself I think, 'For what?' I picked up barfines for her lazy ass and her friend, took them drinking all night long and still have blue balls dangling in my scrotal sack. I think not.


But wanting to be jai dee I turn the 'Up to you' card on it's edge. I tell her 500B, ok if she a) finishes with hand, B) finishes with mouth or c) stays and sleeps beside me until noon. Pouty protests but none of the non-jai dee language like before. Pout all you want. My response, "Up to you." She dramatizes an exit with my pants containing all my money. No reaction. I know the same bellhops would stop her and that she's only being dramatic.


Conversations ensue and clarification is reached on this evening's agenda.


The problem is that mamasan will not give her the day off, no barfine, if she has a customer. So the plan is tonight she will call mamasan and tell her we are finished and attempt to get the day off. If successful I will then go to the bar and barfine Yoyo and we'll all retire to the hotel for a little three way sanook all night.


It's a strange dynamic having her arrange for her friend's to fuck me but she seems to prefer it this way. I get laid and her friends in need of baht see some funds from a jai dee falang. I'm getting used to the idea.


I hold my ground on the 500B. She chooses to go home and feed her rabbit. I think I've successfully tread the line between jai dee and ATM. I guess we'll see tonight.


Headed out to add baht to my phone. Hoping to meet up with Expat early and perhaps the girls later in the evening.


If things don't work out for two ladies and/or mamasan will NOT give her the night off we've had the talk about her going with another customer. Much better separation than doing it on the phone earlier in the evening.


I have to walk by Lolita's on my way back to the Apex. Maybe.... two more days.

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Awesome trip report... Kudos!!


Just a point - you might get more readers if you posted it in the "trip report" section. A lot of the board members are anti-Pattaya and won't go near this thread, but their loss for missing out on a great trip report! :thumbup:


I'm sure you know this... the bar girl/bar worker version of "jai dee" is a lot different from the version of "jai dee" in the rest of Thailand... :doah:


In the bar scene, jai dee = ATM and that's about it. Simple.


You do seem to realise that you're paying for the girlfriend EXPERIENCE, not a girlfriend per se, so that's a good thing. Seems like you have a level-headed attitude and take things for what they really are. You're a customer and providing an income.


And watch me completely mess this very thing up next week after numerous beers and bourbons!! :help::doah:


Really enjoyed reading this!

I'll be able to take over from with my own reports in 2 days time.


Can't wait to hear the outcome of tonight's activities. Keep us posted! :thumbup:

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21 December


Wasn't sure what to expect yesterday after my regular Baby Dolls girl left in a snit over that 500B. Didn't know if she'd follow through with her proposed three way or we were finished.


I went about my day. Didn't hit Lolita's but it's my intent to do so today prior to leaving for Bangkok tomorrow. Had plans to meet up with Expat to hit some bars but prior to I committed something of an ethical trespass: I went to McDonald's for a cheesburger. Afterwards I felt soiled but it could also have been eating it on Beach Road watching the ladies come out for the evening.


Expat and I headed out about 7:30pm walking Beach Road towards Walking Street. Let me see if I can remember the agenda...




We started at Windmill. Trade was still light and I wouldn't say there were any real stunners there. Had a beer and moved on since the other gogos were opening about then.


The Sea


... was our next stop. Trade was very light here. Actually I think I only saw one other punter in the joint. There are a couple cuties in here but you cannot visit with Expat if you want to pull the cutest one. He has tattooed her name on his heart.



... was not much to speak of. One drunk farang on the bar dancing is one too many for me; beside I hate sharing my pole. I will say that the music in the gogos in nearly interchangeable from gogo to gogo but Champions did have a heavy metal soundtrack that was a bit refreshing. I prefer classic rock but applaud the individual character.


Silver Star

... second visit and still does not impress. Was there very late the prior night and just thought it was too late and all the good flesh had been pulled. On re-visiting with Expat I still was not impressed. When I spend my time flirting with the dek serve I think there's something missing.



... is the new bar next to Alcatraz and was the best of the night by far. It was loaded with ladies. They had a very good happy hour special of 60B for a large variety of drinks. I had a vodka tonic as the special. Plenty of cute ladies to oggle and many with good eye contact.


There is an upper floor. Just follow the sign to the toilet if you feel cramped down below. There are a few dancers upstairs a some seating as well.


You should put Farenheit on your list.


Mental Blackout


After Farenheit I have a gap in my memory. I think it was a defensive mechanism to cope with the trauma of some heinous bar that Expat drug me into just to show me the worst bar in Pattaya. My only dim memories are of a lack of air conditioning, an elderly lady tugging at my penis repeatedly and walking away from a beer I'd taken one sip of without guilt.



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21 December - part 2


Following my fortuitous blackout, Expat and I hit Baby Dolls...


Baby Dolls


We closed our part of the night out at Baby Dolls. Not sure Expat was having fun but having just finished my payments for the secondary education of one of the owner's children, I was warmly greeted. I guess he has another one he needs me to subsidize.


While we were at The Sea my friend from Baby Dolls finally called. Honestly I'd thought that gently calling her on the 500B was the end of the road and she'd moved on. Guess not.


She told me on the phone that she was still taking the day off and I was to pick up her friend at Baby Dolls for the three of us to have some fun. With the prior night's little tiff and enjoying Expat's company I was in no hurry. I told her I'd call when we got to Baby Dolls.


When we arrived Yo was waiting in street clothes. I later learned she was concerned I would not show and barfine her. I'm certain this concern was based on her not working. Yo works as a showgirl at Baby Dolls. It was my understanding that she would be working.


Entering Baby Dolls I asked the dek serve for Yo and she guided us to the back. She was relieved to see us. We were quickly surrounded by dancers looking for lady drinks. I noticed Expat had the same little girl from the last time we were in there. Not sure if she sought him out or the other way around.


I bought a few for a friend of Baan's learning later that she's not a close friend like Yo. Too bad because I rather hoped she might be tonight's three-some. Has a baby but I thought hid it rather well.


Mamasan got a shot from me. Chok dee kup. To my shock mamasan returned the favor and bought me a beer.


Expat made an exit from the merriment trusting I was in good hands once again. I still have a debt of gratitude for his tutelage.


Not certain if Baan showed before or after Expat left. I think afterwards. I was surprised as I thought the plan was NOT to come to the bar as she cannot take a day off if she has a customer. I believe there was a conversation with mamasan explaining that she was sore from her period and could not 'take care me' which smoothed over her appearance and the day off issue.


Paid the checkbin before it got any larger and headed out. Initially hadn't a clue if we were still on but soon found out we had to stick around Walking Street till 2AM so Baan could return to Baby Dolls and collect some money owed her. So the evening's plans were another night of bar hopping with the two ladies of Baby Dolls.


Living Dolls


On BrownFox's recent suggestion we first hit Living Dolls. This is the Living Dolls with the long 'tunnel' before you reach the door? I clarify as I saw another Living Dolls Showcase further down Walking Street later in the evening.


Living Dolls had a draft/tequila special and we all had tequila to lubricate the night; about twice the size of the tequila shooters at Baby Dolls. Living Dolls dancers were fair but I got a little fuzzy at this juncture of the night as Baan pored her tequila in to my glass and I'd already had quite a few.


We next headed down to Soi Diamond stopping off for some street food to balance my metabolism. We had previously poked our heads into X-Zone when I'd been out bar hopping with the girls a few night's ago. Their motivation was to see a friend that worked there. Mine was to look for a dancer that had dry humped me into almost barfining her on a prior visit with Expat. Tonight their friend was there so we stayed and had drinks.


BTW in the street food category I'd never had BBQ sticky rice before and I must say it was quite good. I'll be back for more.




One thing that struck me about X-Zone was an entire row of Thai people, men and women, crunched into seating on one side of the room. Just seemed odd as I rarely see Thai people in the gogos but it was to be repeated later at Happy a-GoGo as well.


The dancers in front of me weren't really doing much for me so I turned around looking for the energizer bunny that had dry humped me before. Not know what I was looking for, Baan, thought I wanted to see the showgirls and suggested we move to the tables where new showgirls were just changing shifts.


Thai rapid fire chatter ensued as Yo, the showgirl at Baby Dolls, began comparing notes with the showgirls on stage. The X-Zone showgirls offered a condom for fisting them. In my hesitation, my girl stuck out her hand and a moment later was fisting away one of the showgirls. I think I experienced a momentary burst of pride. I really do.


Well I couldn't defer to my girl so soon my hand was wrapped in latex, coated in lube and humping a warm vagina in view of dozens of on-lookers. It was something to try but the best part was a guy and his girlfriend sitting around the stage. She had a look of amazement and disgust on her face as she sat and watched the showgirls perform. I rather enjoyed the waves of revulsion coming off her but I think her boyfriend may not be getting any for awhile after bringing her there.


My girls played with the showgirls a bit more as they sucked ice into their pussies and then tried to hit a cup in the girls outstretched hands. I was sorely tempted to drop the frozen cube into my drink but I guess you have to save something for the next trip.


Happy a-GoGo


.... was our last stop of the night at the girls request. The place was packed and I must say the service was really good. Many of the dek serve were guys but they were on the ball with drinks, arranging seating and taking payment. Not sure if it's a gender thing or just good training.


Happy a-GoGo had the some of the best pole dancer's I've seen in Pattaya. It was only one or two but they were on their game. You can't take the pole dancer's home in the US but the good one's really have their craft honed.


Happy a-GoGo was a good vibe. Lots of people having fun. Hostesses made the rounds and made sure everyone was taken care of. Ping pong balls were followed by shreaks of joy and lots of naked bodies bending over to retrieve their prizes. We pretty much idled here until we could hit Baby Dolls and collect Baan's loot.


Her collection didn't take long at all. I didn't know so I ordered a Coke, got a couple sips in me and we were back out the door again. Barely had time to locate her 'kind of' friend and make eye contact before we were on our way.


Baby Dolls does lower their barfine at 1:30 to 300B. I did momentarily toy with the idea of asking Baan if she wanted to barfine her 'kind of' friend but as she was later to clarify their friendship perhaps a good thing I did not. The bed is only so big after all. After so many we'd have to start stacking them like cord-wood ..... oh..... dammit. Oh well.



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21 December - part 3


Leaving Baby Dolls the girls decide to mount motorbike's and head out to Yo's house. Just as the night before, beers are sent for and we're all soon gathered cross-legged on the floor eating som tam, snacks, soup, fish and drinking.


Baan had been very caring all night; more than normal and certainly a 360 degree turn from her little snit the prior night. Listening to the chatter in Thai and English I begin to put some of the pieces together.


Yo lives with her aunt. Apparently after Baan left me the prior morning and I did NOT give her any baht she must have at some point brought her gripe within earshot of Yo's aunt. This is the same aunt that works Beach Road and has a very nice guy for a husband that works a motorcycle taxi.


Apparently Yo's Aunt set Baan straight. Baan later told me that she said I was 'jai dee' and that Baan should take better care of me. I suppose hearing it from her elder was all it took. Baan was completely different all of this night.


She was not only taking good care of me but this care extended to our three way.


After visiting her aunt, Yo and Baan returned with me to the Apex. We ran the gauntlet again with the bellhop and Yo's missing ID. She'd borrowed her aunt's ID. The bellhop accepted it this time and we all headed up to the room; except that the phone was ringing by the time I opened the room door.


The Apex bellhop had some other questions for her and I take it that a quiz ensued of Yo's aunt's information. A call was made to confirm some information. Baan and I waited as Yo was once more summoned downstairs for something at the bellhops but she was soon to return. No problems.


We were all tired so we showered and I tucked into bed with two warm naked Thai women on either side of me all arranged at the suggestion of my girl.


Morning came and we enjoyed each other's company. I'll spare the gratuitous details but they 'took good care' of me. It was a slow lingering and enjoyable couple of hours.


I will say that the tag team approach they took made for a very slow, playful lay. They were a little shy of each other but I was able to coax one onto my face while I fucked the other.


My girl also took a casual remark from days earlier to offer Yo to 'fuck ass' since she does not. I didn't say no to the offer. They took good care of me.


Took them to the breakfast buffet at Apex to close out the morning.


Today is my last full day in Pattaya. Plans are to meet Baan about 7pm. Probably just spend some time together before the tearful goodbyes are made. Suggestions were made that I take them to BKK to say goodbye but I nixed that telling them I was meeting my ex-fiance for dinner in Bangkok the night before leaving.


Apparently I owe Baan a barfine for last night as she's decided TONIGHT she will take her night off instead of last night. Ok. Same same. I put a nix on her plans on my new cellphone. She's got my baht in her pocket, or mama does. She can buy her own.


GFE or Butterfly


As my Patters trip draws to an end I remember originally questioning whether to seek a GFE or just butterfly may way through my trip. On general principle I think it's 'up to you'.


My GFE has been a bit expensive as I pulled from a gogo but well worth the experience; especially after my girl orchestrated that little three-way this morning. Much of that value is based in my sexual response. I'm much more responsive with a partner I know. One nighter's are 50/50 for me. For me it was a good way to go.


Next post I'll close out and say my bye bye's to my girls and head for a day of shopping and dinner with the ex in BKK.

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