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  1. Playing with fire--I hope it makes a meal for you rather than of you, Mekong.
  2. Beach Club is still there--not on my list of regular bars.
  3. There are bars in Pattaya? Where exactly are they located?
  4. Wow, amazing coincidence. *I* was born on Feb 29, (but it wasn't a leap year).
  5. expat

    Any New Jokes

    A guy goes to a doctor with a spot on his forehead. The doctor says "Amazing, I've only read about this in the journals! In a few weeks, you'll have a penis growing out of your forehead." The man says "Cut it out, doctor, help me!" The doctor says "Nothing we can do, it's actually part of your brain and if we cut it out, you'll die. Sorry." The man says "You mean to tell me, doctor, that in a couple months, every time I look in the mirror I'll see a penis growing out of my forehead?" The doctor says brightly "Oh, no, no. You don't have to worry at about that at all! The balls will cover your eyes." (Stolen from Al Franken who heard it from Buddy Hackett.)
  6. expat


    Thanks for the tip, should add to flavor and bouquet as well.
  7. expat


    I doubt it, much easier to use a pan--the shorts tend to burn if you don't keep them moist. Note to self: Buy pan.
  8. expat


    Hmph. I have two avocados in my refrigerator at home, so your slander is badly aimed. I make great Mexican food myself here in Patters, but I still miss having a taco truck within striking distance. Edit: I just realized you were probably auto-replying, not trying to rub it in that there are no taco trucks here. Never mind.
  9. expat


    You are an evil man. I hate you.
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