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anywhere in cambodia that have no ngos


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There is a little restaurant in Mae Sot run by a canadian guy. Decent food and the guy seems decent. He was telling me once about problems he has with some NGO's . They will occupy a table and buy one bottle of water or a soft drink and when a customer leaves they will move to there table and eat any leftovers. Watched it happen one night. Amazing. He ripped into the guy and told him to fuck off and not come back.


5 minutes later an American/Canadian girl came along and did the exact same thing. She received the same message from the owner.

Sounds more like mormons or Jehovas' witnesses.
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The only people who have ever hassled me in the street anywhere in Asia, Cambo included, are:


- beggars, esp the very young and the very old

- street vendors in Kuta

- Indian tailors, although they seem to have toned it down in the last few years

- fake monks in KL seeking 'donations'


That's it - no Farang ever approach me : one guy shouted 'Hey, you're still alive !' from the other side of Suk after a particularly disgraceful evening on Soi 4, but I'd hardly call that persecution. I was completely ignored in PP in 2010, leading me to suspect that these 'missionaries' are a recent addition to the landscape. Any attempts to approach me will be greeted with the same response I give the Indian tailors : simple.


One of the best pieces of advice I have received in the 11+ years since I joined this board was 'Don't let the little things get to you'. It applies everywhere, but particularly in any situation where you stand out from the locals like a sore thumb.

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