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anywhere in cambodia that have no ngos


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NGOs are a bit of wasted space in Cambodia...my friend the doctor in Pol Pet area, cannot get money to get VLCs (Viral Load Counts) done for his patients from any NGO...and we are talking $30 USD per VLC test.


The doctor also has over 200 patients on "my tin hat" products and ALL have shown improvement!

From a man with TB in his bones and could not walk 5 meters...he now walks kilometers!! True, easy to prove account...take a ride out to Pol Pet and I can provide contact info...


This doctor has been to many conferences here in BKK and is a top doc in Cambodia, but dirt poor by western standards.

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where the hell do you go in Cambodia? where there are no kooky christian ngos. the reason i say this is because i hear they like to bother. other foreigners even if your not doing anything wrong especially if your white


I would recommend Sharkey's, Walkabout, Heart of Dearkness and Candy Bar in PP.


All girls I met there were Buddhist. :content:

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