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London Rioters: 'showing The Rich We Do What We Want'

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Several major cities in the U.S. have had similar experiences with "home-grown terrorists"; perhaps our stiff-upper-lip friends in the UK will begin to understand why people like myself keep ourselves armed. (Better to be tried by 12, than carried by 6 ;) )




Interesting that the PM isnt prepared to put the British Army on the streets, despite a clear lack of Police manpower. Seems it was fine for successive British governments to unleash the Paras on the population of Northern Ireland, but not fine to risk similar scenes when its a 'Home Game'. I guess we cant have folk in Essex getting upset over footage of troops firing into the crowd.


(I'm not bagging individual Brits on this board, or the general population over there, and I know there was a lot more going on in Northern Ireland than a few dropkicks torching shops, but wtf do the 'kids' (some reportedly as young as 7..) in Manchester, Birmingham and elsewhere have to do to justify an armed response ?)

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Britain's rioters: young, poor and disillusioned


That's the headline of an internet article that provides the following quote: "Nobody is doing nothing for us — not the politicians, not the cops, no one,said a 19-year-old who lives near Tottenham, the blighted London neighborhood where the riots started".


Now, I know--I'm postive--that the great liberal thinkers on this board are aghast that nobody is carrying these people on their shoulders. But this quote kind of sums up the feelings of "entitlement" socialsim fosters. Socialism's "kissing cousin" (Liberalism)is, IMO, equally bad and evil. It takes away incentive and responsibility and replaces them with dependence, lack of self-esteem, and the belief that other people's fruits of labor are their's for the taking or destruction.


Socialism and Libtardism are evil and should be outlawed in the U.S. Thank heavens that the Tea Party drew a line in the sand and is trying to starve libtardism and socialism in the U.S. I hope it is not too late.



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The fat cats get bailouts because they are 'too big to fail', as it would have meant auto workers and others would have joined the unemployment queues. I agree with the sentiments expressed by an American economist who came to Oz a couple of years back - any company that is as poorly managed as the Detroit big guns is living on borrowed time anyway : we should have cut our losses instead of compounding them.


The same reportedly holds true for Italy - apparently their debt is simply too large to be 'bailed out', even if countries like Germany were willing to do so. No-one wants to see 1929 again, but capitalism DID recover - we keep looking for a soft landing, but I have to wonder if that is simply delaying the inevitable.


I guess all we need is for the Fed to keep printing more money ....




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Racial tensions flare after five days of rioting across Britain


WITH police overwhelmed, a desperate attempt by Birmingham Muslims to protect their properties and mosque has turned to tragedy with three men mown-down.


"We'll hunt down these black men, cut off their heads and feed them to our dogs," said Amir Hawid, 20, who lives just a hundred meters from the killing scene and heard the screams of the crowd at the moment of impact.




It's a bit like when your football team has the bye for the weekend, you want to watch the game but you're unsure who to support... :confused:

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first person in the courts was a primary school assistant......thats encourging for the children!


While many Britons had initially blamed the violence on unemployed youth, one surprise was the presence of young men and women with regular jobs among the riot suspects lined up in police wagons outside courthouses in London and other cities. That raised questions about why they had been caught up in the kind of mayhem that has traditionally drawn on an underclass of alienated young people, with no jobs and few prospects.


Many of those who were remanded for trial appeared to come from just those kinds of backgrounds — evidence, as some commentators saw it, that the root causes of the disorders lay in social deprivation and despair. But those who stood before the courts for bail hearings in London, many of them still in their jeans and hooded sweatshirts, included a graphic designer, a postal employee, a dental assistant, a teaching aide, a forklift driver and a youth worker.



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