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  1. "I am From Siam: Siam, the Land of the White Elephants and the Land of the Free" Very interesting documentation I found on YouTube. It's from the Thai YouTube channel "Film Archive Thailand".
  2. Hi guys and gals(?). How are you doing? I haven't been here for exactly a decade (my last post was in August 2013). But my last trip to LOS was in 2010. I went LOS and Cambo several times from 2004 to 2010 and Thai360 was my major and almost main source of information about the nightlife in Thailand. To my surprise, my browser still had my login data, otherwise I would have trouble logging in again. I just came across the "Thailand Bound" channel on YouTube with all the stories of failed relationships and mine does fit perfectly. Luckily there wasn't much harm done on both sides, it was just a foolish enterprise from my side anyway. Listening to the stories brought old memories back. I today I wondered if Thai360 would still exist. Attached is almost the last image I took in SE Asia . It's of "Sa" whom I met at Tilac bar in 2004 (of course without showing her face or much else :-)). We met on and off during my trips to LOS. On the day I took the photo of her sleeping, I left her apartment in Din Daeng at around 5am in the morning. There wasn't a goodbye, she slept or pretended to sleep when I left. Two days after, I returned home. How are you doing guys? PS: I would love to go to Thailand again, but due to illness in the past years (unrelated to COVID), I currently lack funding. PS/PS: Did I really write 6.9k posts at Thai360????
  3. I use VPN more and more, especially when downloading movies. Here is a list of trustworthy VPN's (which don't keep logs) http://torrentfreak.com/vpn-services-that-take-your-anonymity-seriously-2013-edition-130302/
  4. Drift (2013) Well done Aussie surf movie playing in the 1970s
  5. Saw the movie as well. It was def. better than the last X-Men movies. By the way most of the Japan scenes have been filmed in Australia (the Alaska scene was filmed in New Zealand). Only a few street scenes are actually from Japan, like the "Love Hotel" scene. The "Love Hotel" is a famous building often published in books on Japanese architecture. Anyway in reality it's a 'capsule hotel' with tiny single rooms. http://www.filmapia.com/search/node/wolverine
  6. The Sapphires. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ljho1cyEfg Highly recommended! (Especially to Flash, he might have seen the orignal singers )
  7. Reminds my of the "Bangkok 8" crime novel in which the police detective's mother runs a bar at SC and his superior is involved in a lot of illegal stuff. This of course doesn't mean at all that this has anything to do the new Gogo Bar, since "Bangkok 8" and its sequels are pure fiction.
  8. I don't know the ownership structure...
  9. Speaking of movies with LOS as background. Recently I saw "The Elephant King" (2006) IMHO one of the movies with a more intelligent script, which integrates the Farang P4P scene well. And it even includes very plausible "Falang falls for a BG" and "Falang loses the plot" sub plots. http://youtu.be/c8GxEUJdGxo
  10. Spring Breakers A US teeny comedy on Acid http://youtu.be/bv-z5jp2t3M
  11. Just watched a mainland Chinese fighter movie "King of the Streets" (2012). Same same here: a fighter is surrounded by 12 guys with metal bars and not one is able to him in the back... It destroys the whole plot. http://youtu.be/_l_62d7neMI
  12. I'll guess you'll have to start at one point. For all non-US people the US love for guns is quite strange. Compared to any other industrialized country the number of Americans killed by guns is absolutely staggering. The new "Stand your ground" law is absolutely disgusting and it's being hated by US police and prosecutors. But it seems that US politicians live in deep fear of the NRA.
  13. So what? Do think it's different in other countries? It's definitely not in Germany.
  14. You want to cut the income of the US president? You want to make the USA the laughing stock of the world? Flying to the Mars, but not enough money to pay your leader...
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