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  1. Dollhouse and Shark are absolutely on the agenda. We hit both last time and they (the bros) left ravenous. LOL
  2. Short stay for me this trip. Arrive 9/15 and Depart 9/19. I'll be in Cambodia most of the 3 weeks catching up on "things" with Ms. Hoy. It's kind of an 18-year anniversary. 2 of her brothers will be with me. Flash met Ms Hoy, her younger sister, and the 2 brothers over dinner 3 years ago. Curiously, they all liked Flash. 55555555555 The brothers are in a feverish mode at the prospect of being able to prowl the night scenes without their sisters in town.
  3. If Caitlan Jenner goes missing, will "her" photo be on a carton of half and half? HH
  4. What a waste. A half dozen of those thingy's that make mushroom clouds would've stopped the war in a couple of weeks. And with a LOT less casualties on both sides. HH
  5. Flash...actually, the ones I first knew are probably on the sidewalk in front of the Nana Hotel signage. Swing by. They'll be the ones with the walkers. HH
  6. I'm in my 4th decade using the Nana as my home away from home ! Good location, good value, no problemas. (OK, the last two trips I bunked at the Centrerpoint Terminal 21 and the Millineium, but will be back at the Nana in 4 weeks from now Hugh Hoy
  7. Hi Steve...good to know that the North Koreans have finally released you after completion of your "re-education". Too bad that for the last few years you've only been allowed to see MSNBC news. Otherwise you wouldn't be promoting things like " As for Ferguson, the pro Wilson narrative has the major media." I don't know where you get that. From the start, major media has been overwhelmingly supportive of the deceased and even argumentative over the grand jury's appropriate determination. The deceased was no angel. Did you not see the video of him committing strong armed robbery that ultimately led to his demise. Did you not know that he was probably high on dope that morning? Did you not know he was not "college bound", but his classes at some vocational school had started a week prior to the incident? Here's some interesting background on your college-bound kid. (Be thankful he wasn't at Auburn. LOL) http://beforeitsnews.com/obama/2014/12/the-truth-michael-browns-family-of-gangstas-the-rest-of-the-story-video-2468794.html
  8. Please take asshole Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi with you.
  9. It was a great day for my country. If we can just hold on 2 more years until fuckstick Obama is gone.
  10. Same now for me from SFO. Have you tried any of those agencies that sell "discount" biz class? I'm a bit wary of them. Usually they are "reward" tickets they acquire through some means. I have read reports of denied boarding at check in. That would be a bona fide pisser !
  11. Ok Cav...I'll die quickly from a cardio prob. You alcoholics can die slowly via a fucked up liver. HH
  12. Cuz the doctor was white? Come on, Steve. Blacks put a virus in the White House that is much more dangerous to the world and our country than Ebola. HH
  13. Hey...Nazi's vs. Stalinists ! History does repeat itself ! HH
  14. Romney a "hawk"? You've been attending the Suadaum School for Stand-up Comedy, haven't ya? Come on, admit it. Romney is only a hawk compared to the weak-kneed Obama who, as a secret Muslim, keeps his hawkish alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood and using an occasional diversionaly attack on Taliban targets to try to establish his "creds" as being a tough hombre. Mere incompetence could not result in the astonishingly lack of leadership it has taken for Obama to screw up the foreign landscape in the ME. Sure, you could argue he is merely naieve. I don't believe it. He's out to screw the U.S. in any way he can. Financially/economically, establishing class warefare (divide and conquer)and failing to promote successful policies that have resulted in murking up foreign relations so badly that it may take decades to restore. His Marxist training is so evident that it is merely a footnote nowadays when discussing this piece of shit. Steve, four more years of this guy and the country will be fucked big time. You must know it. You like to say that he's a "known" and you don't know Romney. I don't know the guy picking up trash with a stick along a freeway either, but I'd rather have him in the Oval Office than see Barry there. If you really need a Marxist in the White House, you could at least chose one who might have the best ineterests of the country in mind and is not out to destroy it. And yes, as the weeks go by, I am more and more convinced that he's on a path to do just that. Fuck up the country in as many ways as possible. I would never promote the violent overthrow of our government, but I'd consider any Secret Service agent who stepped in to stop a bullet headed toward Barry to be a traitor. Barry has fucked things up so badly and completely that it can't be accidental. Open your eyes, my friend. Listen to your brother ! Download a copy of "The Amateur" from Amazon. Easy read over an evening or two. I'm quite certain you will wonder if your allegiance to that asshole is rightfully place. HH
  15. Ditto Obama And as "Commander-in-Chief", it shows in spades. I mean anybody who REPEATEDLY refers to "corpsemen" is a complete ignoramus when it comes to any knowledge of the military. HH
  16. Perhaps not unlike the "revered" Kennedy's? HH
  17. Let's keep this in perspective re Romney. An incident involving what could easily be considered "hazing" isn't the same as bullying (or being a chronic bully). No more than a single or rare incident of smokin' pot or gettin' shit-faced making one an alky. HH
  18. I don't disagree with what you say, Steve. But I think it is "fascinating" that a major newpaper would print something like that and seemingly not mention Barry's criminal behavior. I think the Post story is old news, BTW. Been published some time ago. Anyway, what do you think about Barry and the latest Muslim attacks in Libya and Egypt? Think that his brand of diplomacy in that region is working? Think he's a "secret" Muslim? Gotta check his schedule and see if he has a Friday prayer session in his mosque...I mean, uh, the White House. HH
  19. Any article on Barry being a junkie while in high school/college? HH
  20. Khun Kong...CONGRATS ! Indeed, a long, drawn-out affair. Could've been much longer here in the U.S. Now, the burning question: When/Where will you be holding the victory party? 5555555 HH
  21. He was pretty pathetic. Kind of embarassed for him. He seemed to be the only one to "get it". HH
  22. Really? Must be some big friggin computer. LOL Source, please? HH
  23. And I'll say it again. Your brother is right ! 55555555555 Oh...how is this for our smiling First Lady ? She on the rag that day or just, once again, showing her "angry" self? Maybe just wishing to be back at the White House in one of her designer dresses about to welcome heads of state...much more fun than paying tribute to the victims and heros of the World Trade Center, eh? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-ZYxEBImEo HH
  24. Stevo...you continue your delusions about Demoncraps being "centrist". I have NO idea where you get that line of "bull", unless it's from the Communist Party blogs. Root happens to be a Libertarian, not a Republican. I recall that you used to call yourself a libertarian (with a small L). How did you get so far to the left? Face it, the Demoncraps are run by Marxist/Leninist folks. You can't get much further from you former libertarian views. Your brother is right, BTW. 555555555555555 HH
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