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Five-Car Trains Of Sukhumvit Bts Line

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On Tuesday, September 27, at about 11:30 am, I saw the first running of a five-car train on the Sukhumvit line, while waiting on the Onnut platform. The train was running from the Bearing end, toward Mochit.


It was running EMPTY - and did not stop at stations - and it was also running at about one third speed - presumably to avoid catching up to the normal three-car train ahead of it.


One interesting aspect was that the train appeared to be completely new - or freshly refurbished. Its undercarriage was completely black - no rust or oxidation - and the entire train glided by it total silence - it was really eerie. It was also pretty impressive as the mid-point of the train reached my spot - where I am used to standing, day after day. With the extra cars, the train extends almost twice as far in each direction - and the length is really noticeable from the mid-point.


So - anyway - the testing has begun, and at least one train is already running - so it should not be too long before the five-car trains are put into regular service. And - that day cannot come too soon for me.



As an aside - I wonder what genius decided to implement the zero-cost fare for FOUR MONTHS from all of the five new stations, as far as Onnut? That move puts about 100,000 extra people on the train daily - without expanding capacity. Brilliant move, sunshine - you really nailed that one.

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