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The Twilight Zone


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Not for everyone but over the six weeks in BKK spent almost every night at several small street bars along suk between soi 3 and soi 7/1 although they do stretch as far as soi 21 but I did not bother going that far into the zone. Cheap drinks and after 2.00 am a lot of the girls from NP stop in for a drink and try and pull a customer. One particular bar near Soi 5 has the girls from Rainbow 4 and also the new bar Strap.

Sam Miguel Licght I was paying 85 baht no bf and had a number of girls 1000 baht LT. Was even lucky enough one night to get 2 for the price of one :yay:

I know some of the small street bars near cowboy are asking 500 baht for BF which is total bullshit.


Like I said not for everyone but something to keep as an option.

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