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A Surprise Return


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****warning for Mr. Munchmaster****

this is another boring FR so do not read if you are going to complain.


another lovely morning in bed with a sweet lady and the sex was soon forthcoming.

walked to the beach and sat in my normal spot and attended by the lads who worked there.

we had our own drinks but whenever we need food my lady ordered certain things and it was soon delivered.

i probably had about a vision of 50 Yards each way up and down the beach and sorry to say i never saw any of the scams that everyone who has never been to Phuket knows about.

but it's not to say it does'nt happen in various spots.

i saw tourists queueing up for jet-ski's and the parasailing and i noticed the guys running the businesses only took money after the customer was satisfied.

my lady was interested in the parasailing so i paid for her to have a trip along the beach and she was so happy afterwards.


the sun set and she asked if it was ok for her to go home and get some clothes as we had put the laundry in that morning and she had nothing clean to wear,no problem for me.

off she went and i decided to go for a massage and perused the ladies in several places before i chose one i liked.

90 minutes of a good massage and a HJ and i was happy.


back to the hotel and waited for my lady and we went for a meal at a small place i liked within 50 Yards off of Bangla but invisible from the main drag.

spent the rest of the night visiting various bars and playing various games with each other and i watched drunken tourists getting into trouble after too many drinks.

fights with each other,with the locals,Tourist Police etc......when will people learn?.

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when i was drinking i was a happy drunk,normally the first to fall asleep in a corner.

not to say the alcohol did'nt cause problems for me at times but never anything major and not always my fault.

but sitting there people watching is interesting.

i used to roll my eyes when seeing what i assumed was a couple having an argument in the street because the man had looked at a woman on the street.

how on earth can you avoid doing that?

the bars are staffed by women and you can't walk down roads without seeing the freelancers all over the place.

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you are of course right!

a married couple spending their vacation in Patong or in the middle of Pattaya is somehow strange...

over the Years i have some couples pick up a local for what i assumed was for a 3some?.

i suppose some women who are not asian like to partake in different sex once in a while.

but as you say strange,i would'nt consider taking a western woman to the fleshpots of Thailand as i know i would not be able to keep my dick in my trousers.... :hubbahubba:


i remember taking my 70 y.o mum to Patong for a couple of weeks so we could celebrate my 50th.

she loved the place and used to laugh at the antics going on.

people did try and shock her thinking she was an old lady but she just said she lived in Singapore,Tokyo,Manila as a navy wife in the mid 60's and there was nothing to be seen which would shock her,she had seen it all.

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