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Jfk And The Unspeakable


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- Why He Died and Why It Matters


Quite a book explaining all the forces against JFK!



Big Business


His own staff


...and all that were on his side, like Nikita and even Castro!


...the six huge issues that he adverted and in the end, gave his life to save the world

from WW III


Can be a bit repetitive and the author tends to drag on a bit, but very enlightening!



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He had been in secret contact with the Russian and working things out behind the scenes, per the book.


Berlin crisis, when the Russian/USA tanks were staring each other down. JFK blew a call into Nikita and the

Russian agrred to pull their tanks back, which they did, averting a possible WW III.


Per the book, it was his military staff, CIA and various staff members that were playing games to try to

force JFK into WW III.

Think Bay of Pigs, they expected JFK to throw in the US military to help out. JFK refused and that war

was on...within his administration!!!


JKF had settled Laos and was on his way to do the same in Viet Nam, complete US military withdrawl by 1965 and the US military was not going to have any of that...we know the results and how LBJ got the message.

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