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I'd have loved to go into hotel management - good lifestyle, decent pay, working around the world in non-shit holes.

Okay - I'll have a stab at something. It's Sunday night here and half of my brain is already working on tomorrow's demands. And talking of brains - and how I nearly lost mine - makes a good enough s

22 Years of Thailand as home base but I follow the petro dollar, just got back from Dubai. Seoul on Married status is looking good at the moment.   I am one of those assholes that people hate, never

certainly. probably all too often which shows with the bad som tum plara in the intestines etc!

in fact the only problem keeping me from attending these new london contingents is the poor rep of local cab drivers as you know all too well :)

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Cool, oil and gas is something we werent even told about at school, I wish I had been.





My high school counsellors were absolutely useless. It wasn't until years after I'd graduated from university that I discovered there were so many occupational choices that would have appealled to me and our counsellors didn't know a damn thing about. Yet counsellors were higher paid than the teachers! :(

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I got into the game by following family traditions, both my grandfathers worked at the refinery and so did my old man, those were the days when you followed the family and worked at the same place, I started out at 16 and only went to Uni in my early 20's.


My Careers advisor asked me what I wanted to do for my LSD, he of course meant Libra, Solidus and Denarius (Pounds Shillings and Pence) but I found it funny him asking me how I was to score some acid.


It's a shit career, Pro's are its well paid, Con's are I have to work in some of the biggest assholes of the world, Algeria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Saudi not quite the best locations you just have to make the best of a shit hole, I am an expert xymologist (Master Brewer)

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I'd have loved to go into hotel management - good lifestyle, decent pay, working around the world in non-shit holes.


You don't want that. 24x7 responsibility, if in a good hotel chain, greet dignitaries, cope with unsatisfied customers. Hardly any hospitality industry pays less than good hotels.


My Uni friend, was with the Hyatt and was getting about a half what I was doing while in banking business.

At that, he was IT Manager while I was an engineer.


Remember that Strauss-Khan guy who had stayed at Waldorf Astoria an had an interaction with an illiterate migrant woman.

It was an 2,000US$ 1 night hotel and they still employed whatever cheap staff they could find.


That goes all the way up - no money and joy in the hotels.

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