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God Help Us

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It gets worse - much worse. They are predicting that the balance of power in the Senate will be held by assorted wackjobs - Clive Palmer's man Lazo, Pauline Hanson (fan-fucking-tastic..) and a few of the old holdouts from previous debacles. Abbott has signalled that he'll go back to the polls if they try to block his legislation to abolish the carbon tax - this country needs a government that can govern without have to cater to people who only got into the Senate on preferences.

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What's that?


The people have voted and that is the end of today's story.


Voting is compulsory in Oz (a fine, 80$, is imposed on those who don't turn up at the polling statioins vithout a valid reason).


It's not 50.01% turn up and 25.01% of the voters elect the government, as had happened in the US with W.

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