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So I Was Bored, In Wikipedia And I Found This A List Of Thai Airlines× Far More Than You Think×


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I thought there was an airline called BizAir, wasn't sure, and had seem some odd ones, such as Solar Air


So Wikipedia took me to this




Even better is Thailand's wannabe 3rd largest airline




I love this bit,


<<The carrier, using the slogan ``Wing of Asia", promises to offer low fares with premium service, meaning that meals will be served.>>


I like K-Mile airline, you have to wonder about the name


Kan air has a great motto, "Fly with Nature",


Air People has been flying since 1986,


R Airlines, who claim "serving our passengers with a legendary Boeing 737-400 to support the incredible India market and the unseen part of Mainland China"


Have to wonder what the legend is?


PC air went bust for not paying the fuel bills in Korea, with a motto of "I believe it's my way", it may be your way not to pay bills but it sure helps planes to fly with fuel tanks full


And of course, Sunny Airlines, owned by the Thai Government, Sunny always smiles!

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