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Thai Hero In Sydney Stabbing

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Bad things happen while good people stand by and do nothing. Good on him :up:


Triple stabbing at city backpackers: man, 29, hailed as 'hero' after saving woman from further attack

A 29-year-old backpacker was this morning dubbed a hero for his role in saving a young woman during a frenzied stabbing attack at a hostel in the Sydney CBD.




A man has been arrested and multiple victims have been stabbed during a frenzied attack at the Westend Backpackers Hotel on Pitt Street.


Nattaput Panpanussak, originally from Thailand, leapt to the defence of his fellow tourist as a 36-year-old man allegedly slashed and punched at her outside the West End backpackers' hostel shortly after 2am.

Mr Panpanussak suffered extensive cuts to his hand, arm and torso.



A man, 19, was stabbed in the neck at the city backpackers overnight


"I'm lucky, he wanted to kill me," Mr Panpanussak told The Daily Telegraph.

"His knife went in my hand and body, it was very painful, he was very crazy … I couldn't see him properly, he had a small knife between his fingers.

"You know, as a gentleman, you have to save the woman."

A female British backpacker, who did not wish to be named, said Mr Panpanussak's efforts had saved the 26-year-old woman's life.

"He's the real hero. If he didn't come down, she would have died," she said.



Blood can be seen on the floor inside the foyer of the backpackers. Picture: Bill Hearne Source: News LimitedA 19-year-old blonde man staying at the budget accommodation, was earlier stabbed repeatedly by the alleged offender in the neck.

He was rushed from the scene by ambulance at 2.30am covered in a large amount of blood and clutching a towel to his wound.

A fourth victim, also 19, was stabbed in the arm.

Blood was smeared over a large area of the tiled floor of the foyer where he had been standing.

A spattering of blood was also visible for metres outside the building's Pitt Street entrance.



A distraught Nattaput Panpanussak, 29, talks to a police officer after saving a woman from further assault.

Witnesses described horrific scenes this morning, painting a picture of a brief and violent attack that left three tourists with gaping stab wounds.

"I think [the alleged offender] was drunk and on drugs. In two seconds he just went pow, pow, pow," said Italian tourist Annamaria Nava, before performing a stabbing action towards her neck, shoulder and cheek.

"I arrived 10 minutes earlier with some Italian friends and in one minute - chaos."



Another tourist, Estonian native Joseph Ira, said Pitt Street erupted into cries and yells throughout the brief - and apparently random - slash attack.

"We heard screams, there was a lot of blood on the floor, he stabbed a guy inside and then started hitting a girl outside," Mr Ira said.

It is understood the female victim was having a cigarette on Pitt Street when the man allegedly stabbed her.

She was also taken to hospital this morning, nursing apparent stab wounds to her arm and face.



Police were called to the scene by a tattooed adult male, who witnessed the alleged offender brawling down Pitt Street after leaving the backpackers' facility.

Police made a dramatic arrest of a man about 2.15am.

He had short, light-brown hair and was wearing dark clothes at the time. Sydney police cuffed the man and held him to the ground in the middle of Pitt Street before he was transported from the scene in the back of a caged truck.

Police later said they believed a broken piece of glass was used as the weapon.

The man was taken to Sydney City police station where he is expected to be charged later today.



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I walk past the place at least once a week as there are a few good thai restaurants nearby. To be honest most times there are a number of yobish backpackers hanging around outside drinking so really comes as no surprise something like this happened.


But hats off to the Thai guy.

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Hey, it's Sydney - they only stab people on days ending in 'y' .....


I naively posted a few years back that I felt safer in BKK than I do in Sydney or Melbourne and received some fairly strident replies, but whatever the reality in Bangkok I still have the *illusion* that I can wander around Suk at 2am and survive the experience. I just dont feel that way on the streets of Australian cities. If anything, the main people I'm wary of in SE Asia are Caucasians, parts of Jakarta notwithstanding.

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