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Here We Go ... The Shutdown Thread


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Bangkok Post â€@BPbreakingnews 4m

Army teams out to protect protesters http://goo.gl/NPjt87 #BreakingNews


George Thaivisa â€@georgebkk 1m

RT @CoconutsBangkok: 1:12pm Looking over Ratchaprasong Intersection from inside BTS car pic.twitter.com/2ah4KxZkBi


Marcus â€@MarcusBurtBKK 1m

The fact that the army is protecting protesters might help to explain why the police is presence is so light.

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Army chief worried by rallies, orders strict monitoring, providing protection to public; denies pressuring police, saying working smoothly together



CAPO worried by at risk locations--Chaengwattana, Lat Phrao, Victory Monument--where fistfights and more might erupt between upset motorists, protesters


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Medical workers march against govt




Thousands of medical workers started their anti-government demonstration from Public Health Ministry, heading to Ha Yeak Lat Prao intersection.


They demanded political reform before election and the establishment of neutral and acceptable mechanism to reform politic and prevent the dictating democracy.


The election on 2nd February should be postponed and the caretaker government led by Yingluck Shinawatra should get out and pave the way from the reformation, they demanded.


The group was led by former senior health officials and experts such as former Public Health Minister Dr Momgkol Na Songkla, who was designated during the military government in 2006, former Food and Drug Administration’s secretary general Dr Siriwat Thiptharadol, former Medical Emergency Institute of Thailand Dr Chatree Chareonchiwakul, Thailand Health Promotion Institute’s director Dr Hatai Chitanont, National Health Commission’s secretary general Dr Amphon Jindawattana, and former Public Health Ministry’s permanent secretary Dr Phaijit Warachit.


The Nation

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Bangkok Post â€@BPbreakingnews 2m

3.05pm: The army advises military personnel not wear uniform to work starting Tuesday for fear of being targeted by "third hands". #bpnews


Tulip Naksompop â€@Tulip_Oum 2m

BangChak to close its 4-5 gas stations in inner Bangkok nearby protest sites, for security reason.-@Nantakarn_TPBS


veena T. â€@veen_NT 1m

2.53pm Bird's Eye View at Victory Monument #BKKShutdown pic.twitter.com/6E6K5wa53y


Richard Barrow â€@RichardBarrow 1m

3:10pm RT @RachaelOdlin: Absolute chaos at Siam BTS station. Having to wait for next train pic.twitter.com/vxosmMkSX6 #Bangkok

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Had to drive up to Pathum Thani this morning. The Outer Ring Road, west of the river was about empty. Very

light traffic for a Monday morning.


Drove back about 1 PM and again, very light traffic.


Rama 2 was with little traffic.


I saw a lot of buses parked around Pathum Thani, so they must had dropped off the people and drove a bit north :dunno:

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Thais in New York rally at Time Square



About one hundred Thai citizens and students living in New York City staged a rally at Time Square to give support to anti-government protesters in Thailand.


They called the rally "occupy New York". It was held at 2 pm in New York (2 am Monday in Bangkok).




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