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Here We Go ... The Shutdown Thread


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Richard Barrow â€@RichardBarrow 14m

The Muay Thai boxing stadium at Ratchadamnoen has been closed for a while due to protests. Now the fights at Lumpini tomorrow are cancelled.


Tulip Naksompop â€@Tulip_Oum 9m

8.05PM PDRC at Lumpini announces 7:30AM tomorrow, they will march to close Custom department at Klong Toey tomorrow.-@Phop_NTV


Tulip Naksompop â€@Tulip_Oum 8m

8:16PM at Victory monument.- @ittipat_Rw: pic.twitter.com/OZzsSB4vfz


Tulip Naksompop â€@Tulip_Oum 7m

I really do hope NSPRT will not go to Air Traffic Control like they said. Not a good idea.


Tulip Naksompop â€@Tulip_Oum 5m

PDRC at Ladprao intersection to march to Labor ministry, ICT and dpt of Land Transport tomorrow.-@NTRadio_NBC


Richard Barrow â€@RichardBarrow 2m

Consular services at the Canadian Embassy have been moved to the Mariott Hotel on Sukhumwit Soi 57 near BTS Thonglor. Call 02-646-4300.

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I also hope that they don't go to Air Traffic Control like they said for numerous reasons

  • They would lose support
  • Mrs Mekong's 30 Day Visa free stay in Vietnam expires soon and she misses Thai food
  • I am due back for a 2 week break at home after 17 weeks away
  • I live next to Soi Ngam Dupli where Aerothai HQ is located (for those who don't know just past the old immigration office on Soi Suan Phlu)

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Just watching Jeorman evening news on TV these ignorant bastards showed the enlightened democrat Suthep presenting himself on stage as the psychopath he probably is and later a wise and thoughtful Thai woman leading a peaceful Redshirt demonstrtion through Ayutthaya . Could the resident experts give some advice on what is now the truth ?

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