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Hoe Duur Was De Suiker ... The Cost Of Sugar


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Just finished watching the Dutch movie "Hoe duur was de suiker" which is an adoption of the novel by the same name of Surinamese author Cynthia McLeod. It is about the life of 2 sisters, or nieces, one white and one half white half african girl whom were either fathered by the same man or by respectively the father and his son.


It shows the bond they have while growing up on the sugar plantations of Dutch colonial Suriname. Hence the name of the novel and movie, which would roughly translate as "The cost of the sugar". The movie is mainly in Sranan Tongo (Surinamese) but it comes with both Dutch and English subtitles.


The novel originally came out in the time that I lived in Suriname and I read it back then, a long time ago. It was a big social happening back then.


There are two version of this. The movie version (2 hours in length) and a miniseries of 3 hours. I currently have the movie version. Still looking for the miniseries version.

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