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Rent A Womb And The Adventures Of Several Fools

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  • 2 weeks later...

I watched the third episode of this the other night and if I had never been to Thailand I would definately have second thoughts.

Tuk Tuk scam where a couple get set up to be robbed and the famous jet ski scam all given good coverage along with a hit and run where the victim is left to die after they help themselves to all his valuabes.


Amazing Thailand.

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Have been watching this show, interesting - a good balance of morons doing stupid shit whilst on holidays, FIFO types who seem to fall in love at least once a month (this one's different) and genuine people in distress... the old couple who leave the bag in the taxi the other night I felt for, and was touching when the cabbie bought it back. Also the aussie couple who lost a child early on in the series was sad.


Love Trudy - good mix of "take no shit" and compassion. The others seem nice as well.

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