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Googe Acct & Credit Card Mandatory For Android ?


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In a couple of weeks I will be home and setting up a new Samsung Tab 4 for my girlfriend. It's been so long since I set up my android phone I don't remember a couple of details. I've searched this question but I just see ambiguous answers.


My g/f is tech resistant, but she was given this tab and thinks she wants to use it. She does not have a google account or gmail. She will fight me when I tell her she needs one. She will be upset when I tell her she needs to give bank or credit card info to get free apps from Google Play Store. I'm not sure, but that's how I think it works. Am I right?


Do you have to give payment info in order to download free apps from Play Store?


Do you have to have a google account to use the pre-installed google apps like Maps?


She uses yahoo mail. Can you get that free app elsewhere without giving payment info?



My guess is that you can probably do some of these things, but it will be 10 times more difficult to get apps or run them. When I set up my android phone I had gmail and I think I just set up Play with Pay Pal. I didn't like giving personal and financial info, but it seemed reasonable and I didn't think I had a choice.

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No need to give a CC or bank info. Just skip those parts when it asks for that info.


I recently got a an Android phone and had no problems setting up a Google acct. without any of that info. No problem downloading free apps.


You can go ahead and open up a Gmail acct. for her.

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