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My Brother Story

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Just reading the post about printers and I recalled my Brother brand story.


Year ago. When people used faxes and used an answering machine.


I found this Brother brand phone, fax, and answering machine - All In One.

Beautiful - for me at that time. Has a small LCD screen.


So I had it for years and all worked fine.

But then one day - the LCD screen stated Error or some such wording. I could not figure out how to get this thing to work properly. Unplugged it. Plugged it in. Over and over. Hit every button on front of the darn thing. Nothing.


SO . . . I telephone Brother Customer Support.

Get this nice lady on phone.

She ran me through a bunch of attempts to get rid of the error message. Nothing worked. So the CS lady states to me that I had to send it back to Brother for repairs. The cost to repair was US $79.00 plus I had to pay for shipping.

Not worth it to me.


SO . . . . at the very end of a long conversation, I asked Brother Customer Service lady if there was a "Reset" button on the machine.

The Brother CS lady states - Yes there is. Turn the machine over. Find the tiny red button. And press it.


All worked fine after that !

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