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CTH had been cut off when I got home this time so alternatives were required, I have had my fill with the alternatives charging 1200 THB + / Month for next to nothing.


So, I decided to give TOT IPTV a try, many options and can be used with any iSP even though I do use TOT. I chose to get the box outright for THB3,500 plus additional THB350 to make it totally unlocked.


I have access to all TOT IPTV Channels for THB390 per month, and the best part is if one does not renew subscription it can be dormant for months on end and once required again just pay the THB350 for another months service.


Suits me down to the ground, Coming Home just pay THB390 online and International TV available for 4 weeks, if I don't use / need it then no need to pay, I like the flexibility.


Not sure about other ISP's but since I use TOT I have the on demand service, programmes are available for 72 hours after initial broadcast, I realise this is normal for most of the world but in Bangkok at less than $12.50 / Month SWEET.

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