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Lived in California many years and spent lots of time over the border in Mexico.  Like many foods, the American version can get a little wobbly depending on where you go.  It's very popular in So California and many of our Mexican friends from, as Flashermac pointed out, the south of Mexico cook it.  With all the cheap pork here in Thailand I have made it a few times, very easy and good!!

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14 hours ago, cavanami said:

Here's a recipe:


I put the pork shoulder in the smoker for some low and slow cooking. Then shred the pork. Put the
meat and other ingredients into the pan and cook.
After a bit of cooking, ready to serve! Use white corn tortillas if you can get them.


I do it similar but like to take the cooked pork out, drain, and put in the oven until I get a little crispness on the meats edges.  Not enough to dry them out though.

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