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  1. I didn't realize covid only comes out at night, after 8pm.
  2. You'll keep us updated then on your investment choices.......
  3. I used to have two drinks a night. One for me, one for my brother who lives far away. A few months ago I started having only having his drink, the wife made me quit drinking.
  4. Used to go to Honduras a lot and guns were everywhere. Check guns before a pub, a shopping center, grocery store, everywhere
  5. Good narrative, thanks!! Reminds me of road trips I took with ex wife's sister and husband (Korean).
  6. Because people, not just Americans, are morons.
  7. You would probably have to fend off the hotel staff. Elevators, etc, are all limited and everything goes by the staff and we know how attentive they all are!!
  8. For anyone interested, or may need to go through it. Day 7 in quarantine at Grande Centere Point Sukhumvit 55. When I first arrived my floor was full at meal times with the plastic bags outside most every door. Now only about 3-4 doors have the bags. Not sure if that means vacancies available but for what it's worth. The rooms have no balcony but are nicely done with a hot pot and cooler. No microwave or refrigerator though. There is an ice bucket but since we can't leave the rooms not sure why. Quite a few menu choices, especially Japanese style meals. Food has been quite goo
  9. Mekong I have a "O" visa based on retirement but it was the married to a Thai that got me back in. Paul, I had booked 4 flights, all cancelled as the date came closer and the Thai government extended the ban. I would imagine if the ban is extended those flights you see will be cancelled also unfortunately!! I had to give a reason for an urgent return to Thailand. My wife was going to join me in the US in March but cancelled as covid expanded. I said my urgent return was to help my wife. In addition to all household duties we take care of her Mom and she needed help doing
  10. I just got back to BKK from the US July 27th and it was a bunch of hurdles. The process has changed since I applied, and was approved, but needed items are the same. I went to the Los Angeles Thai embassy website once foreigners with Thai wives were approved to reenter. There was a link and numerous questions were asked, and documents requested to upload. From memory My passport, her passports (she is duel US/Thai), marriage license (we were married in US not Thailand), her ID, my visa, bank statement (I believe no longer needed), and a flight confirmation. The fli
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