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  1. I watched it a while back and managed the whole series. The lead Viking was much too millennial looking to be realistic IMHO. If the series ran longer I would have quit it. Now watching The Last Kingdom, another Viking era show. It also has it's slow moments but I like it a lot better than Valhalla. The movie Valhalla I mean, I don't know if I like.....never mind.
  2. A priest goes to check in at a hotel and says to the clerk, "I certainly hope that the porn on my television is disabled". The clerk responds, "No it's normal porn you sick f*ck!".
  3. When you finish try James Lee Burke. He has a couple series and some independent books out. Fantastic, descriptive writer. Also available in paper.
  4. You'll need her to get an ITIN number regardless and right now the IRS is extremely slow so may want to start that now, won't hurt.
  5. Thanks! Never had much luck with Kodi, guess I'll try again.
  6. Reminds me of the spoiled kid who, when losing, takes his ball and goes home.
  7. I found, from experience, that if you clench the knife carefully in your right hand, blade facing out, and growl a little that no one will take your plate until you actually finish.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXfltmzRG-g
  9. I didn't realize covid only comes out at night, after 8pm.
  10. You'll keep us updated then on your investment choices.......
  11. I used to have two drinks a night. One for me, one for my brother who lives far away. A few months ago I started having only having his drink, the wife made me quit drinking.
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