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Are eggs good for you? Doc says yes!

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Dr. Berry shows the info...

Eggs are good for you. No wait, eggs are bad for you! Well actually, eggs are good for you. Wait Wait!?? Are you as tired of this as I am? Eggs have been around for the entire existance of mankind on this planet, and we have eaten as many of them as we could get our hands on. But now, a new study in JAMA tries to raise new worries about eating eggs. Eggs are almost a complete, super-food for humans. People have lived on eggs alone for years and been healthy the entire time. How then can we understand a new study trying to tell us that eggs might increase the risk of us dying? In this video I will deal with the question, Is Eating Eggs Bad for Your Heart? You might be surprised at my final point at the end of this video. It is very important that we eat the foods that are good for us and avoid the food-like products that are bad for us. Are you ready? Let's dig in...

Are EGGS Bad for Your Heart? (The JAMA Study 2019)


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