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Interest in moving out of Thailand takes Internet by storm

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I see more farang leaving Thailand then moving in to Thailand. Now the Thais want to leave Thailand? For the farang, they are tired of the BS at immigration, the 90 day check in crap, the restrictions and farang pricing...

Interest in moving out of Thailand takes Internet by storm

In just two days, over half a million Thais have joined a new Facebook group called “Let’s Move Abroad”, amid increasing criticism of the Thai government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic and political issues.

Countless posts by over 524,500 members of the group ask for tips on studying and working abroad in certain fields, while those who have lived abroad promoted countries where they stayed with beautiful photos.

Among countries of most apparent interest are the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Malaysia. Many members also sympathise with the current anti-government movement.

“I really dislike this country in terms of its system of governing and certain people. I want to change the country, but I think relocating is easier,” said Piyawat Janta, a member who is looking to the US....


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