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Do most BG really enjoy sex with farang?


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Says jasmine:


[color:"red"] Now I can go back masturbating under my desk!



I must have missed some vital info. here!!! ::






Try looking about 20-25 posts above this for Smegs' last post, and you'll understand......... :)


Cheers !

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Controversial thread, eh!


Do most BG girls really enjoy sex with their "customers"?


The answer to this is no. Of course people will start trying to confuse enjoying the experience (including being paid for it) with the sex itself. So the question should be, "Do the girls enjoy the sex so much that they'd otherwise do it for free with the same guys?" A resounding no to that one.


Some of the girls do enjoy sex quite a lot, regardless of the partner it would seem, but 'some' is not 'most'. This leads to...


Is it common for you to make them come?


Some girls come easily and the majority come with effort and some almost never at all. It's the same with the infamous and fabled 'normal girls' out there- pretty much the same breakdown. Not too much you can do about this as it's mostly biological. Magazines like Cosmo would like to suggest that it's all in the woman's head but the difference between a girl who can have three raging orgasms before a guy can, and a girl who has trouble with 'vaginal dryness' is quite severe and 'being put at ease' or whatever can improve things only so much.


Can you tell if they fake orgasms?


Can't resist to answer it like this: Who cares! You're paying for it so why worry?


Of course part of the experience for many guys is knowing that the girl is getting off on it. If the girl is not enjoying themself then all but the most sadistic or those with the least empathy would be put off. Fact is that many girls don't come, pay or no pay- it depends on the situation. Just go with the flow and don't worry about it too much, and as long as the girl seems to be having a good time and is going along with things then you're fine. Don't think too mutt!



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Says smeg:


Good bye


ROTFL! :: :: :: Look what you've done, Cornelius!


Jeez, I've never seen anyone with such a persecution complex before. Whenever someone disagreed with him, he'd sense a plot! If you look back, he even started a few of his

first posts with disclaimers such as "I know you're looking to have me banned.."!


To answer the original post, it's common sense. They'll enjoy it to the same extent as most people enjoy their jobs. I.e. most of the time they'll just do it for money. Of course, it's possible that some may like you, especially if you're attractive and they're emotionally vulnerable, especially if they get to know you a bit longer. Personally, I don't like it when they start liking you too much. It usually becomes too familiar to be exciting. I get more turned on when it's new and unknown.

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Maybe people are pissed off because Smeg has a very cynical view of the nightlife. This kind of removes peoples ideas of fun. Smeg's outlook is probably closer to the truth. Its a place where you buy prostitutes, where money counts and love is rarely found. If you are lucky you don't catch any diseases. That goes for punter and hooker.


I think you're on to something there, though it's funny- it seems like people somehow know much more about Smeg's view on nightlife than what I can grasp from reading some of his posts. The replies are often quoting a deeper meaning than what he actually wrote, linking it to his short time in Thailand, his ability to *gasp* sleep with girls for free, his bad experiences with BGs, and so on.


That's part of the problem with divulging information on here. People would certainly typecast me in one way or the other if they knew more about me.


"Oh he's just another young yuppie type"

"Oh he's one of those old retired guys who has been here 20 years and thinks he knows everything"

"Oh he's only been here 6 months so he can't know more than me after I've been here longer"

"Oh he's always saying bad things about bargirls beacuse of XYZ"


Again, should the perceived motive of the messenger invalidate the message? Reminds me of politics whereby one political party automatically discounts the views of another without much analysis, favoring a contrarian stance over a well-reasoned one.


Personally, I agree with the view of nightlife painted above. There are far better places to look for love and trust than a go-go bar in Thailand.



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