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    I've never undersood how you can force someone to resign. You can ask them to step down/resign but force? I've had to fire people and I've been fired once or twice and not once been asked to resign. Anyway, Cav is right, he can sack Sessions. It's a strange world when even the left is sympathetic to Jeff Sessions. The one remnant of honor he did, removing himself from an investigation that he is party to cost him 2 years of being publicly ridiculed in order to get him to quit. I don't feel sorry for him though. I never liked him. And other than letting Mueller do his job, there isn't much else I liked about his performance as AG. I don't thnk much will come out of the Mueller investigation. I think if Mueller gets enough time he won't be able to get anything impeachable, or make a solid enough case to get past a Republican senate, but I do think he can get enough to embarrass Trump. For example, his taxes and businesses. No one has ever bought he was as wealthy as he claims and its known he has had shady business practices for decades (on balance so has major companies so that in of itself is not anything particularly new). What Dems, the mainstream media, and non conservatives either don't know or don't want to admit is that, there is literally NOTHING that Trump can do or say, even if its illegal that will get his base to drop him except if the economy crashes or he abandons a nationalist/supremacist agenda. Save those two things, he will keep 40 percent give or take of the public no matter what. Literally. We could find out he evaded taxes, proven he cheated people in business, proven he openly cheated on his wife, he could even have been recorded droping the N bomb (and that may actually increaes his numbers), being anti semetic or anti LBGTQ (sidenote: what hell is the difference between Q-Queer and the rest? anyone know?). It's been quite clear since he was a candidate the rules that are applied to other presidential candidates (and major office candidates as well) were vacated for him by people who supported him. And now we are seeing it trckle down to others. We have openly neo confederte/nazi people running for office in many areas. Is this the future? No, I still think the pendulum will swing the other way becaus the future (the young people) want the complete opposite. They grew up with a recession, unpayable school loans, and listen to hip hop, and have diverse friends in school, even a gay classmate or two. The Parkland HS students are what America is going to look like politically. They will re-vamp the 2nd amendment, they will usher in European style social safety nets, cradle to grave socialism. I say this not from what I want but from what I think I'm seeing. What I want doesn't matter, I just try and read the tea leaves. See the trends so I can at least beneift from it. I trade on the side and what I found is you have to be an amateur political scientist/economist to make money doing it.
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    Arguably the single biggest winner in the US Midterms is a brothel owner who has been elected as a congressman for Nevada. But don't expect to see Republican Dennis Hof achieve anything in his new political career - he's dead. Hof died last month, soon after celebrating his 72nd birthday by having sex with one of his prostitute employees. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=12156441