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  1. I fast forwarded it a few times thinking it might get better, it did not. However, 'the assistant' film was even worse, that never even starts!
  2. Dreadful, you can tell it's a play and should have remained one
  3. Stayed on soi 33, about as dead as this forum these days, apart from massage parlors with no customers. One exception being Daisy Dream done out like a 1920's Chinese whore house, owned by a French guy. I was assured not the same as the French blackmailer on here from another 'club' down the road. Had a look round and nicely done out, 2k for 45 mins. Owner amusingly claims online they adhere to Thai laws. Might be of interest to people still attracted to such places, personally I'd rather have a wank to porn hub! I made my excuses and left, been open just over a year. I bet hungry penis has been there, dirty bugger 😃 Hotel was full this weekend, 40 rooms and the pubs were pretty packed. Went in Royal Oak and recalled last time I was there was on 9/11 with my old 'mate' long gun on a quiz team. Then went to Thermae and saw all the footage on the tv's of the planes hitting the twin towers, with nobody taking any notice. Pan Pan and the Japanese restaurant on the main road doing good business, good job there are no tourists or would not be able to move. Walked through SC, boring so went to Penalty Spot pub to watch the football, never been in there before great pub but one of the few places we went in with almost no customers. Shops like Emporium were pretty busy. Almost a pleasant break and no melt downs from the Mrs, stocked up at Villa market, best shop in Bkk. Happy 2021. can't be any worse, can it?
  4. paul101

    The Covid-19 thread

    which blows a hole in the heat killing off the virus suggestion
  5. paul101

    The Covid-19 thread

    The same people who poisoned their own babies with fake milk and who have killed millions of citizens in the past 70 years, I think not
  6. paul101

    72 years old

    Quite right, I have never driven here the Mrs has to have some use I let her do it all. Plus it avoids all the requests to give family and friends lifts to the shops/school/airport. Every day when we go out and not far there are usually several potential accidents to avoid from the idiots on the roads here, no common sense at all.
  7. Unfortunately a lot fatter these days as well 🙄
  8. That's an old one, she must be in her 50's by now
  9. Apart from Bill Murray a dreadful film. Diversity overload with a main black character you just knew was never going to be guilty of anything- it's not allowed in woke wood! About the level of that Gillette ad.
  10. They have Irish passports as well so will be OK, I could get one my dad was Irish
  11. Friends from UK sold their house in Cambridge this year, now cannot buy another as they stopped foreigners purchasing, they think because too much property was being bought up by the Chinese. Buying in Spain instead, not as pleasant as NZ but the wine is cheap!
  12. exposing fraud and corruption is now 'far right' is there anything which is not these days? how dare they.
  13. Love fargo, but yet to see one of the black gang actually shoot anyone dead, unlike the Italians and Irish. The black lezzie did but she is not part of the gang. Hopefully the kid will blow somebodies brains out.
  14. Stickman this week tells the tale of Nee from Thailand who relocated to NZ to live and work, no Kiwi husband apparently. She dates a Welsh bloke and Korean and a Slovakian, presumably some of who were working. How do they do it? The Welsh man could get 6 months visa but not the Korean or Slovakian, the Thai woman no way. How can a Thai re locate to Thailand and get a job for $20 an hour? asking for a friend, I might send the Mrs she loved NZ.
  15. You only needed if you left the country, they seem to have stopped asking for it now. Did it online last time.
  16. Just booked the Bless soi 33 with 40% discount 600 baht with breakfast then centara Siracha, as near as Pattaya as I care to go, for 750 baht https://www.centarahotelsresorts.com/centara/css/tour/
  17. The undoing with Hugh Grant Donald Sutherland and Nicole ginger nut, show is better than the trailer
  18. But they never did and had to fix the next one
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