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  1. I don't log on much anymore and post even less, a few years ago I got so sick of all the banter over American politics that I left the board and lost interest.
  2. Here is a “Cheap Charlie†story I observed first hand Thanksgiving 2012. (Names are being withheld because many board members know some of these people) One of the bars in the Queens Park Plaza Soi 22 was having a FREE Thanksgiving event for all that wanted to come. Being a regular there my friends and I loaded up and went to the bar at 13:00 when they opened to spend money and show support. Dinner was being served at 19:00 and there was a beautiful full spread of American and Thai food. Here’s the CC part, about 18:30 the balloon chasers showed up circling the table like a flo
  3. Don't really know the names but they are the ones on the ground floor in the center area, my friend said you can't miss them! S1
  4. Hi MK I did 3 months for a company in Iraq after the troop pull out in early 2012, at my first R&R I said screw that and left. Security there is a joke can't spend money if you are dead. Coming back to BKK in April. S1
  5. I received a Skype from one of my friends that lives in BKK, he informed me that you can now buy a braclet for 600 baht and drink in six different Nana ground floor bars from 1200-1800 everyday. This covers all drinks not just draft beer and bar brands, that's a cheap afternoon. Lady drinks are 90 baht. Whoof, S1
  6. Ah no that would be me hiking on that border
  7. [color:red]What a load of Shit[/color] BANGKOK – Thailand’s police have called up all reserve staff for a full show of force ahead of this weekend’s election, as a precaution against unrest and violence from angry, sober alcoholic expatriates during the ban on alcohol sales. The ban, in accordance with national election law, prohibits retail alcohol sales at stores, bars and restaurants from 6pm Saturday to midnight Sunday. The 36-hour period is traditionally a high-risk period in areas with high concentrations of expats, such as Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok and large swaths of Pattaya
  8. sanddawg1

    Cheap eats

    Best Beef, On Nut (went there last night) Cook it yourself hot plates 199 baht you can cook and eat for 2 hours. Good quality for the money. S1
  9. Thanks Gob, yes we are! :content: I'm in LOS played golf yesterday 29 deg C Stay warm down there! WHOOF S1
  10. Yes would like to see him posting again
  11. Maybe he was just cleaning the lump of concrete and it accidently went off???
  12. I've been coming to LOS for 7 years now but this was my first Songkran. I knew what to expect from reading on the board so I had money and mobile phone in a plastic bag so no pompem there. I went out and "played water" twice and had a great time. The only bad thing is that now I have a nasty ear infection. I talked to several of my friends that have had the same problem during and after Songkran. They said some of the water is not the cleanest. But it was still fun. S1
  13. Down to 48 hours now start flying tomorrow :content:
  14. Super Bowl "Monday" 2010 LK and myself put in an 18+ hour drinking day starting at 6:00 AM don't remeber the cost but it was an epic day!!! WHOOF S1
  15. Er-RAHHHHHHHHHHHH We definatly need to go fishing this time
  16. 4 days to go be there Friday :content:
  17. I agree. It's bad but I think JFK is worse.
  18. So a big strong (hansum) 53 year old like me will be FORCED to come to come to LOS and have sex with beautiful women and never be able to make an honest woman out of a Thai girl?? OH wait I'm doing that now!!! I don't know what to say.....Ah THANK YOU
  19. Since his passing is confirmed maybe the mods should consider disabling his account, maybe things on this site his widow does not need to stumble upon? JMHO
  20. You are correct sir Missouri was considered a border state during the civil war.
  21. Combined with their squadron of blimps should be a formidable force!
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