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  1. There are obviously many guys on Thailand-centric forums who working hard and saving for retirement in Pattaya - where they will be able to boink a new Little Lek and Nubile Noi every day until the Grim Reaper calls their name out. I think the one problem with this scenario is that Thailand is changing at a really rapid pace and one cannot be certain that the bar industry and the very dynamic with the girls will be the same as it has been in say, 5, 10 or XX years in the future. If someone really has their heart set on living the Pattaya lifestyle, I hope they're not far away from retirement. Thailand is changing at a helluva pace (higher quality expats moving here one of the big changes) and we shouldn't assume that the dynamic that has existed will last forever...
  2. Bangkok Baking Company at the front of the Marriott and Bourbon Street both do a good eggs Benedict. For me, Bourbon Street's is preferable
  3. I have heard stuff I was not supposed to many times. Once concerned an order I had made in English in a restaurant for a chicken dish. The staff talked amongst themselves and said that chicken had run out but they would use pork. At that point I piped up in Thai and they shrunk in shame!
  4. It is more likely in my eyes because the owner of a website can often be found by a simple Google search. A person who posts on a site, irrespective of the name or pseudonym used, is much more difficult to locate and *prove*. A posting could be traced to an IP address. If it is a shared IP address, for example, it all starts to get rather complicated. It's the same with any site that accepts posts from its users. How about that site often referred to as TS.com. No, not transsexuals.com, the one with a local fiction slant. While the stories posted there may not be written by the owners of the site, they could find themselves liable for a defamation suit if they allowed any post / story that could be considered defamatory. Determining and more succinctly, *proving* exactly who the writer of a defamatory post was, is much more difficult! If something is considered defamatory then those seeking redress might pursue the owners of the site as it is much easier to prove who they are! Determining and proving who actually wrote the defamatory posting / article in the first place is *much* more difficult. For example, I could log on here as Dave The Rave and post something defamatory. Does that mean that the guy who writes on a site of that name wrote the article? No, not at all! It would need to be proven who wrote it. Obviously, I don't believe anything would happen and am only pointing this out to answer your question and for no other reason.
  5. It's just as likely, perhaps even more likely, that the owner of this site would be sued, as the comments appear here, and the site owner has chosen not to edit, moderate or delete them. That's what happened to the owner of Prachathai.com, right? She faces criminal charges because she did not delete comments made on her board which could be construed to be defamatory...
  6. I guess you are referring to ISB? I personally prefer Pattana but acknowledge that ISB seems to be considered better by the majority. I have regular readers on the staff at ISB and I know at least one pervert on the staff at a Bangkok school [removed school name - KS] in a senior position - so yeah, I hear some stories. I have heard some horrendous stories about letches on the faculty at a certain international school using the British curriculum. With all of this said, I stand by what I wrote. Sure, there will always be some exceptions. Your mileage may vary. If you have stories to share, come on, share them!
  7. Stickman

    Nana Plaza.....

    The latest rumours coming out of Nana Plaza are absolutely mystifying. It has been mooted that those who were leasing the now empty spaces on the ground floor of Nana Plaza have applied for permission to build new structures in their place - and permission has been granted! If true, it makes a mockery of the demolition and would indicate what some of us thought - that the structures had perhaps been built without building permission in the first place and have finally been ordered to be demolished. Rumour has it that if / when the new structure is built, the walkways on either side have to be wider than they were.
  8. IDC in Bangkok is usually the acronym used for the Immigration Detention Centre!
  9. Stickman

    Nana Plaza.....

    Yep, the 3 bars in the middle of Nana Plaza were pulled down about 10 days ago or so. Here's how it looked last Friday:
  10. Maybe 15,000 hookers in Pattaya.
  11. Good point about the forum. I just added a link to the end of the article saying that the NanaPlaza.com can now be found here.
  12. I wrote a few words about Blackie in my column this week, ok, not a few, abut about 4,500. I tried to keep it accurate so it is hardly a eulogy, full of positives. Still, I hope it captures the flavour of the man whose company many of us enjoyed. http://www.stickmanweekly.com/StickmanBangkokWeeklyColumn2010/Blackie-Bangkok-Legend.htm
  13. I offered him 60,000 baht for rugbyunion.com. I put the *cash* on the table, right in front of him, at his soi 26 place. It was a serious offer. He then launched into a tirade about me being a cheap ass and I can go and f$%^ myself and how dare I insult him like that with such a ridiculous offer. A few minutes later we were off to Cowboy and it was all forgotten! A few months later the domain name had lapsed...
  14. Blackie, the colourful Australian who used to be a member of this board way back in the old days, and who hosted get togethers at his soi 26 condo on Sundays, recently passed away. He had been in poor health for some time, a combination of a lifetime of smoking and a nasty broken leg which refused to heal. Blackie was a real character, gruff but generous at the same time. My favourite Blackie memory concerns one of the Sunday afternoons at his apartment. Blackie would hold court and tell us all about his latest conquests and what he’d been up to at Soi Cowboy during the week. On this particular Sunday Khun Sanuk and I were the first to arrive at his place. Blackie dragged us through to his computer room where he showed us photos he had taken of some bird from the night before. "Oh mate, she wouldn't shag me but she gave me the blowjob from heaven", he said in his gruff way. Standing behind Blackie whilst looking at the computer screen, Khun Sanuk and I looked at each other in horror. It was clearly a ladyboy! There are plenty more Blackie stories but perhaps I should close this by saying something nice. Blackie was a colourful character, liked by everyone who knew him and he will be missed. May he rest in peace.
  15. I arrived at work one morning, in central Bangkok, got out of the car, and almost stood on a huge snake. No idea what it was but it was big and brown and green in colour. I went and told the janitor who recited a Thai idiom that meant that I would soon find a girlfriend. I then went off to tell the director of the school who just chuckled away and didn't seem in the least bit concerned that one of our little Somchais might stand in the thing!
  16. Bradmans is good. Try Soi 8 bar which has a great breakfast, a monster fry up for 195 baht.
  17. Most of the girls on Beach Road are rough...but you occasionally see a somewhat pretty girl.
  18. It's one thing helping people out when they really need help. It is altogether something else giving and giving to the point where you might suffer. From the original post it really is not clear just what the situation is, but I got the feeling that the family is doing just fine already...hence the reluctance to keep on giving.
  19. Stickman

    Lady Drinks

    This story does not sound right. Refusal to pay for drinks ordered usually results in the heavies or the boys in brown coming. A bar forcing a girl to pay for lady drinks offered to her is something I have never heard of.
  20. Samitiwej number 1? Not a chance for me! About 5 years ago, I was in The Londoner with my best mate from NZ, his Mrs and my Mrs. My mate just keels over and starts howling of pain, holding his stomach. I knew that Samitiwej was the closest decent hospital and the easiest to get to so we rushed him there. From what he was telling me, it sounded like kidney stones and I said this to the doctor at Samitiwej who said that no, the symptoms were absolutely not consistent eith kidney stones. The doctor was hopeless and after pain medication had been administrated, I told the doctor that he was hopeless and that now that my pal was no longer in pain, we were taking him to BNH. "You can't", the doctor said. "Just watch me!" I said. Across town to BNH where he was straight into some specialist, tests carried out and what do you know....it was kidney stones! Samitiwej is one hospital I will never step foot in again. That was the one and only time for me.
  21. No chance of Cowboy being demolished any time soon. Nana Plaza is another story. Come the end of 2012 when the master lease is up, anything is possible...
  22. What is the law and what actually happens are generally two different things. There is A LOT of pressure on employees in Thailand, especially the underlings, to work long hours with no thought to overtime. There is this crazy culture in many workplaces where the underlings won't go home before the boss does, even if the boss stays until 8 PM or later - even if the underlings have nothing to do! My attitude would be that I simply would not want to work in such a place but for many Thai staff, they don't have the confidence to broach the subject with their boss, who often is, or at least is perceived as, a pooyai.
  23. The "big 4" in Bangkok are generally considered to be Bumrungrad, Bangkok Hopital, BNH and Samitiwej. There are many other very good hosptials but these 4 seem to have the best reputation. Two worth mentioning in the next tier are Bangkok Christian and St Louis, both of which offer high quality and much more reasonable prices - and are MUCH cheaper than the 4 aforementioned hospitals. I think it is hard to say that one hospital is better than another in the top tier because at the end of the day it comes down to the medical professionals you deal with. For example, Bumrungrad might have the best orthopaedic surgeons, BNH might have the best paediatric unit etc. My personal preference is BNH although prices have sky rocketed there over the past few years.
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