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  1. I know and have met the guy. He is not a troll.
  2. In the early days I paid 50 baht for a neighbouhood barber but these days it's 150 baht in the local mall.
  3. I hope you managed to get your order in the system before today because I see that the NZD and AUD just crashed against the USD by 8% today. Yes, a whopping 8% fall in one day.
  4. I've got a 20D. The 40D is a heck of a camera. I thought long and hard about the 50D but am going to go all the way and get the 5D II. Went and put my name down for it yesterday. They hope to have it by the end of this month....here's hoping!
  5. The Nikon D300 is a nice piece of kit but you might want to consider the Canon 50D which is released later this month. Indications are that the Canon will have slightly superior image quality but less features and does not have the weather proofing of the Nikon. I would certainly look at the Canon (which will be cheaper too). When it comes to digital SLR cameras, pretty much anything with a Canon or Nikon badge is great. Also, remember you are buying into a system. Once you're with that one manufacturer, it can become expensive to change i.e. lenses, flash, other accessories etc.
  6. I go to the dental department at BNH Hospital, simply for the reason that the doctors there for general medical are very good, and I live not far away. I would rate the dentists who have seen me as very good. Fortunately I have had no real work done, just cleaning and a couple of fillings. The one thing they have never done there is try and sell me more, or convince me my teeth are all about to fall out and I need dentures. I am satisfied and continue to go there.
  7. My biggest was about 3,500 baht in Livingstones in Soi 33. Fortunately I was paid to be there, if you know what I mean...
  8. The funny thing is that *I* didn't write the piece about Phuket...it was a reader's comments. Stick
  9. It was nice to both meet you at Woodstock and read your reports on here... If they were taking bets on it, I'd put big money on it that you will be back over here very soon, and for a fairly lengthy stay. Stick
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