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  1. There's an argument to be made that America already is a theocracy. Try running for office without first professing your great love for God. I agree - have you seen or read the Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood? They want the complete subjugation of women and all of their reproductive systems. Sound strangely familiar? https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/17/politics/anti-abortion-sba-list-52-million-2020-budget/index.html I don't know about you but I find this utterly contemptible, and sick. I can't even really fathom why they want this - it's a mental illness.
  2. It's so true that people openly laugh in the President's face - something completely unprecedented. People at least had the dignity to laugh behind Reagan's back.
  3. Wow this is exceptional. You lie than use facts to back up your supposed claims. I'm astonished.
  4. This is a highly commendable post - and surprisingly; I actually concur with everything you are saying.
  5. Where is the wall? And why isn't Mexico paying for it? Ever feel robbed or taken advantage of? I still love that bit where he was addressing the UN and the whole world laughed at him. An especial schadenfreude because he'd claimed before that the world was laughing at America. Then there was the excruciating part where he came out of a meeting with Putin who is fully two feet smaller than Trump, but somehow he managed to look smaller, walking exactly like a dog with a tail between it's legs. Not quite how I'd expect a leader of the free world to behave.
  6. And how is any of this news? When I travel I fully expect that there will be working air conditioning - I do the same thing. I'll ring ahead and ask for it to be turned on if it's a particularly muggy day. If I'm paying for a 5 or even 3 star room I expect the plumbing to work. Tying it to so-called socialism in Venezuela is pretty bizarre in my opinion. It's bizarre also because Sanders has lived a very austere life - he checks his bill at a restaurant to make sure he's paid enough. He always attends those committee meetings most representatives don't bother to. He''ll always get an amendment into legislation through sheer perseverance. He's the epitome of a hard working American and he doesn't deserve these socialism slights from people who are simply ignorant.
  7. I agree, Obama did his best. Although he expanded the drone program - ok let's just call it what it is - the extrajudicial killing program (and basically paved the way for Trump to assassinate Soleimani). But he cleverly enacted the ACA or Obamacare which was instrumental in finally driving a wedge into the greedy corporates that litter the health industry in the US. Such initiatives are incredibly popular with the public - the Republicans tried to put the genie back in the bottle but it was too late. Trump has made Obama like a rock star because people miss having a highly intelligent, well spoken, well meaning President. Well the one's who aren't racist that is.
  8. In the case of Iraq it was a *spectacular* intelligence fail. If you care to read about it there are many government papers that damn the intelligence community. Particularly their methodology. I perceive it as they were happy to have satellites and too heavily reliant on informers - they wanted intelligence at an arm's length. Gone was the old fashioned practice of putting spies in place - too much work apparently.
  9. Kind Sir, The current state of affairs, deplorable as they are - are easily remedied. The 'typical' Trump supporter is - and I know this sounds fanciful but hear me out - sharing a psychosis - all this fake news, conspiracies, etc. It's not even a very clever trick - I think they call it the firehouse of unreality or something like that - you just keep reiterating the same lies again and again until they stick and people don't know what's real or not. I don't even bring myself to feel contempt for those affected - like you say nearly half the US population are affected. The remedy is incredibly simple - remove Trump. You'd be surprised just how quickly the fog will lift. I am simplifying this too much though. The US has to deal with Russian interference. The problem is just how thoroughly the infection has spread. Imprisoning or even hanging the main culprits would work, but I don't think America has the stomach for that, alas.
  10. Point taken. You are right - intelligence royally fucked up before. It's a mistake to believe however that they always fuck up. After the Iraq misadventure there was a major review into how things were done. But yeah you're right - it's one of the many reasons the US is as fucked as it is now. The problem with losing credibility is that it's incredibly hard to reestablish it.
  11. I'm yet to hear a factual comment that contradicts what I said. Not that you would care, but you've really severely declined in my opinion. Take this with you - you're sharing a pathology with an extremely dangerous individual that doesn't give even one iota of care for you and will most likely kill himself - whereby you and the rest of the dupes can start to heal. I do genuinely think this. I've seen this pathology before, and this is *exactly* how it pans out. I'm not saying you are a fool - it's just easy to get swept up in propaganda - especially when it's state sponsored. No less than 26 intelligence agencies concurred that the Russians influenced the election. That's a fact. I have to question what the hell you're thinking when all the evidence of it is laid out plain for the eye to see.
  12. There's a long tradition of Presidents serving in the military going back to Ulysses Grant. You have to mind that the US never really wanted a large standing military (which is what it has got today). That was the reason behind the now controversial Second Amendment - so they could drum up a standing militia in times of crisis. Of course this has morphed into the ridiculous gun laws of the present day. Now you've got a large standing military, a ever growing mercenary contractor force and a bottomless budget - yet still Russia is eating your lunch; and taking orders from the Premier.
  13. Trump won't win - even if he does 'win' he's fucked. I stand by my analysis. He'll most likely kill himself. Most likely drug overdose. It'll be reported in some sanitary way as a stroke or something like that.
  14. Dodged the draft 5 times. In fact if you look at his family tree they all dodged the draft. His Grandfather dodged the fucking draft in Germany.
  15. Well I've got a very good track record of reading a situation. Mind I predicted he would win back in 2016 when he was a rank outsider. If you've got any factual basis to contradict my analysis then I'd love to hear it - otherwise I don't envy being you - reality is a bitch, but at the end of the day it's what you have to deal with - cosseted bubble or no.
  16. Jesus Cavanami!, you're pretty damn far gone with regard to reality. Unless you're joking, but doesn't seem like it. Sanders and gulags - I mean - Cmon!!! The problem with Trump is he won't stop, he's like a fish in that if he stops he won't be able to breathe. His pathology has spread throughout the nation - a shared pathology. The only cure for it is to remove him. When he goes, so does the sickness. Remarkably quickly. People will wonder what the fuck they were thinking of. Another thing people don't realize is that he really is hurting. He is human and he has a subconscious that he attempts to submerge by wilder and more obnoxious acts. Late at night when he's alone he cries like a baby. You can easily observe this by looking at his eyes, some days he must have literally cried the whole night before. It really is pathetic. He is on a Sisyphean task - and when he stops - complete and utter disgrace. I'm predicting he won't let it get to that however - he'll take his own life - which is sad because he should really rot in prison.
  17. Lev Parnas just blew the lid off the entire sordid affair. He has literally implicated everyone! There is going to be a mad rush to see who can plead for immunity first! The culprits will be second guessing each other. This is extremely bad news for the White House administration. The Republicans were terrified about Bolton testifying at an impeachment trial, just imagine the specter of Lev Parnas testifying? Jesus! I hope that guy has got a good security detail.
  18. I know this will be controversial, but I think America made a big mistake by decrying ISIS dead. They are not of course, and it seems rather stupid to put your major justification for war overseas to sleep. The worst thing America did was not to have any plan, invading was the easy bit (Mind the Bush 'mission accomplished'). Why not keep the Iraqi military largely intact after you put your own commanders in place? Rather than completely destroying all the infrastructure using more of those 'smart' bombs we heard about. The USA should be allies with Iran - if they're going to vindictively seek revenge on anyone after 9/11 it should have been Saudi Arabia where most of the hijackers came from, and then Pakistan who sheltered the masterminds. This is precisely what you'd do if you were a patriotic American - for fucking shame these people waving their flags, ignorant of any history and encouraging young Americans, Europeans, Canadians, Australian, into Afghanistan - one of the most craven, cowardly pieces of treachery that will go down in history as one of the most pig ignorant decisions - especially considering that not one, but two! empires had already foundered there. So sure, go to war with Iran. I've resigned my commission.
  19. Yes very painful to watch. In a way it's touching to see a grown man with that level of naivety. I remember myself, after a few years in Thailand the sun and wind whisking my hair as the speedboat made it's way to Koh Samet, a girl tucked under each arm before climbing on to the beach and into the hotel. Oh wait, I wasn't naive. It never occurred to me to make a youtube video and splash it on social media thank fuck. I do remember my first fumbling steps with the language. Like him I felt like the king of the world if I could say - "Hey, I'm off to the market, you want anything?". Not really knowing I didn't know a damn thing. Being a superb mimic I picked it up very quickly though - still took the best part of ten years. This youtuber, you get angry at this unbelievable gall to tell you what to watch out for, but then you realize you're incredibly sorry for him. There is another side to Thailand behind the smiles and friendliness, a very sharp and realistic edge that will rob you of everything and cast you aside, even bill you for the pleasure; if you're lucky to make it out alive that is. The thing is, even if I decided to slap some sense into him - you just know he wouldn't get it - he's too cosy in that little bubble of his. So what? Are we reduced to the Kiwi sport of watching these idiots humiliate themselves and then moan the blues? I suppose it's more interesting than the cricket at the moment...
  20. Well who doesn't know a French pimp? I can regard the experience as being bigger than the money; it damaged your self-esteem. I'm glad you're getting over it, and Happy New Year to you!!!
  21. Best wishes, from BrisVegas, was hit by an amazing electrical storm last night, but the rain was very welcome. Some how seemed quite appropriate, 'specially after Barnaby Joyce's mad rant about the sky (he's really looking quite rough these days, mind you he never looked much better than that. The beetroot never stops giving.) And I might talk, but that guy should really lay off the grog, at least for a while. Cheers! Merry Christmas!!!
  22. Radioman, that was a brilliant analysis! Nailed it!
  23. Do you ever wonder why the first British family live so long? Oh sorry forgot about poor Di. Well long live the Queen!
  24. Anyhow very off topic. Sorry about that. Okay let's get back on track. It was cheap, and it wasn't really. The man's proclamation that he'd have better off stayed in the US. Fairly heartless I would have thought. But I agree with that sentiment. His every encounter with Thai culture left him - brain dead. So what do you do? You make a Youtube video. And get this, he tried to push back. Fair enough I can understand that. It kind of displays another unfortunate misunderstanding I suppose.
  25. I mind that time, I hadn't much money, in Poipet. I took $1000 to the casino and changed it up to 6000 before they very politely asked me nicely to leave. Because you and I know the odds. But a little a bit of education, and you can still game them. And I find nothing more special then gaming the gamers. 5000 USD in the pocket. Who said mathematics were boring?
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