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  1. expat

    Mlg Coss

    Consider me weeded. Been nice knowing you guys.
  2. expat

    What 800 Baht Bought Me In Patts ...

    Thanks for the tip.
  3. expat

    Hello From The States - Miss Y'all!

    Hi Pete. Good to hear your voice again.
  4. expat

    Let Battle Commence

    Playing with fire--I hope it makes a meal for you rather than of you, Mekong.
  5. expat

    Buying A Tv

    Definitely go for the higher resolution. It's like double the amount of pixels--a no brainer to me if you intend to watch anything Hi-Def. Sorry for the short and on-point reply.
  6. expat

    Chiang Mai And The Big Beat. Part Uno.

    I've been here more than a decade, and I'm just fine. I've been here more than a decade, and I'm just fine. I've been here more than a decade, and I'm just fine. I've been here more than a decade, and I'm just fine. I've been here more than a decade, and I'm just fine. I've been here more than a decade, and I'm just fine.
  7. expat

    Chiang Mai And The Big Beat. Part Uno.

    Nice story. Sorry I missed you when you were in Pattaya.
  8. Wow, he smoked marijuana? That is truly evil! Unless you're in California or Holland, of course.
  9. expat

    Getting Your Affairs In Order

    Thanks for that link, Mekong. I have bookmarked it. zen4dummies, thanks for the link, also. Mekong--I doubt the pdf was intended as a legal document. I think it is more for a person who is in a very secure situation and wants to make it as easy as possible for his family after he/she dies.
  10. I came across this link with a good tale on the Pattaya addicts board. http://www.thai360.com/delphi/thread.php?id=6241 If you're skeptical, all power to you, but the guy is still around and posting.
  11. expat

    Patters - December

    If I didn't know you (and her), I'd think you were making this stuff up. As I just said to you in person--at least your life is interesting right now, much better than boring. Do your best not to make it interesting in the wrong way, of course.
  12. I didn't mean fun to describe the situation--I guess I should have said it's a good read. The murderer ended up in jail for six years is my understanding--not complete justice, but some.
  13. expat

    Water Trucked To Hotels In Pattaya

    The water supply is ok, but sometimes it goes down in specific areas. It was out for about a day at my place recently--it's ok now. Might have been a break in a line or something like that.
  14. expat

    Man Charged With Assaulting Mp Karun

    It's only amazing when you first get here. The longer you're here, the less amazing it becomes. What a shame.
  15. expat

    What's P Like For Beer N Stuff This Week

    Beer holding up. Didn't go out last night, but recent experiences of mine lead me to believe that the pickin's are good in Patters.
  16. expat

    Upgrading Photoshop Elements

    If I were you I'd upgrade to Lightroom if at all possible (if you're using Elements for photographic purposes).
  17. expat

    I'm A Hoarder.

    Someone said they had trouble finding beer, so I went over the edge. Soon, I fear, my house will be ceiling to floor stacked with beer.
  18. expat

    I'm A Hoarder.

    Unfortunately, I'm in Pattaya. Best of luck.
  19. Things are fine here--bottled water is available, etc. Some weird things are hard to find. Soda water is not available in any 7-11 I've been in, but you can get it at Top's or Central. Stuff like that. Mild, mild inconveniences.
  20. The traffic is worse than usual, but it's not terrible. What else do you want to know?
  21. expat

    Getting Old

    Huh? Mai kao jai.
  22. expat

    Outstanding Flood Photos

    Thanks for the excellent link.
  23. expat

    Expat Gives Up

    I gave up? Why the hell didn't you guys tell me?
  24. expat

    Top 5 Pattaya bars and why?

    Beach Club is still there--not on my list of regular bars.
  25. expat

    Night Life And Fllods

    Give me a buzz when you get here, maybe we can have a beer or two.