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  1. To my eye, a few of these freelancers look to be ladyboys. Just some. Actually that's what I remember from the supposed glory days of the car park, whenever you spotted a girl that looked more eye catching than the rest, usually it turned out on closer inspection to not be a girl. Overall, this lineup does look weak compared to when I used to go, also in early 00s. Even then there were plenty of nights I opted to return to my hotel alone rather than settle for the ones I saw. But once in a while, did find a good one. My biggest period was when the Nana disco was still open, when it was an all out freelancer pickup spot. Actually I'd be in there for a while and if I didn't hook up, try car park as last resort. Best time seemed to be not long after the Plaza closed for the night. About 2am. btw the clarity and definition is really good in this video, makes me wonder what he shot it on. Hard to get that good a picture with so little light.
  2. I don't remember this episode of Star Trek
  3. If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret. ;-) Reminds me of something a few years ago. Me and a buddy were in San Francisco looking for a new apartment to share. One evening we were shown this one flat, it was huge, 2 bedroom, just $1000 a month, in the Mission The walls had that fake wood panelling. As we walked around, I noticed the floor had a bit of give, it felt bouncy. And there was a small gap in the wall, and I looked closely and saw that there was nothing behind it, just black. There wasn't a wall there. My buddy was all over it, couldn't believe what a great deal it was. I went back the next day. It turned out that there was a business on the other side of that wall. A big wood/lumber shop. To say it was noisy would be an understatement, with all the table saws going. It turns out our would-be apartment was a loft built up on top of this warehouse to one side that was meant to be a demo.
  4. About half the American male population would have all this. ;-)
  5. Taken with Liam Neeson? There's a few listed with that title. I didn't see any of them. Never heard this German in America story. But this seems to go beyond mere human trafficking. The far more common form of that is where a girl gets sold into a 'contract' maybe by her family, maybe she takes out a loan and commits to the contract, there's lots of ways. Getting kidnapped like this is and then sold to a buyer in another country is extreme, even in third world countries. And becoming not just an indentured servant, which is more like what most trafficked hookers are, but an actual slave who'll never be free again. Did you read some of the follow up stories? The girl said she was told that her buyer would probably use her until he got bored of her, then pass her on to someone else, and eventually she'd become tiger meat. Half of me is waiting for the other shoe to drop and find out this was a hoax. But so far, no. Just looking up info on "dark web" and it turns out that indeed it's a way that guns, drugs and girls get transacted. It will be interesting to watch this story as it develops. I know we have some guys here who work in Middle East. Ever heard of stuff like this? Oil sheiks buying kidnapped models????
  6. So is this for real? I mean, is this a regular thing that happens? Anyone ever heard anything about this kind of thing going on as a regular practice ? For one there's this Middle East angle, easy to imagine rich oil guys going to these extremes. (Or is it my imagination going a bit wild?) Then there's this part about there being 'dark web' online auctions where sex slaves must be regularly sold.
  7. British model kidnapped in Milan, Italy, to be 'auctioned', police allege Rome: A Polish man has been arrested in the Italian city of Milan over the alleged kidnapping of a British model who was held captive for six days. The police say the man, Lukasz Pawel Herba, 30, a Polish citizen who lives in the UK, was charged with kidnapping for extortion purposes. Milan daily newspaper Corriere della Sera reports the 20-year-old model who has not been named was lured to a fake photo shoot on July 11. Based on court documents, the newspaper says she was then drugged, handcuffed and put into a suitcase. Corriere della Sera reports the alleged captor told the woman she could be freed upon payment of 50,000 euros (about $A74,245). The report says investigators also are exploring the possibility the woman was abducted so she could be auctioned off online. The paper says she was released on July 17 because her alleged abductor discovered she had a young child and considered her unsuitable for sex trafficking. The London Telegraph reported the model was held captive while her kidnappers sought to "auction" her via the internet. Police said the model was sent by her agent in the UK to Milan for a photo shoot on July 10 and kidnapped by a man who posed as a photographer the following day. When the model arrived at the fake studio near the city's central railway station a day later, she was anaesthetised with the drug ketamine which was injected into her arm before she was undressed and photographed. http://www.smh.com.au/world/british-model-kidnapped-in-milan-italy-to-be-auctioned-police-allege-20170805-gxq635.html
  8. Yeah there was a glaring example of it on my last long flight last year (between Shanghai and NYC), and I think if I spotted it again -- I mean it was way beyond control -- a married couple just so overloaded with bags boarding the flight it was ridiculous -- I'd loudly make a point of asking staff to deal with them. And maybe confront them myself. Not that it matters, but it was a white western couple. I don't care what the nationality or race (or gender) is, being a dick is being a dick.
  9. I once attended a book reading of future senator AL Franken reading from his new book "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot" -- on Market Street in SF.
  10. I'm surprised there's nothing about that other airliner video, of the woman getting booted off a flight for having a stroller on board. In that one, the airline staff guy was out of control. It was a heated situation on both sides. https://www.youtube....h?v=MJWcLxfphqs It's not on the video. If the guy deliberately hit the lady, or was so mad that he grabbed the stroller and bashed her by accident because he wasn't careful (because he was angry) then of course that's his fault. But I have been on flights too where I've been walking really slowly down the walkway into the plane because I'm following a couple who are taking 3 carry-on bags apiece (against the rules) with some of them larger than allowed, and they know full well that they're selfishly flouting the rules and inconveniencing the rest of us with it. Because when we get on, then we will all be stuck behind them waiting for them to jam all these bags into overhead compartments, hogging the space and forcing people sitting near them to go to other places than where they're sitting to put their bags in the overhead bins. Such a cynical me-first fuck-everyone attitude, makes me wanna hit them. I'm not sure what the rules are about strollers, but I have a feeling this lady was told not to bring the stroller on board and she went and did it anyway. It's easy for me to picture this guy outside, before boarding telling this lady "Ma'am, do NOT board the plane with the stroller. If you do, I will be forced to remove you from the flight." And she then went and defied him. Maybe that's not how it went down, but it's very easy to picture. Some people just seem to just act so deviously when it comes to flying.
  11. My understanding (and experience) is that when you get bumped off a flight, they get you onto the next available flight, which is probably going to be an hour or a few hours later. I'm always happy to go sit at another gate for 2 hours for $800, and I don't really get why someone would risk a showdown with burly Chicago cops over this. I'm not saying the guy was wrong, but I don't get why he chose to escalate it like this. I remember when I was checking in on a flight in St. Louis once, they asked me at the desk if I'd be willing to get bumped for a certain price. They probably should do this standardly, cuz things surely will go more smoothly if they have volunteers ready to go. And maybe loosen up those rules about the maximum amount they can pay. Or they can go the other route and have lots more situations like this one. To me it seems like someone dropped the ball in planning, if they need to send a 4 person crew so urgently to Kentucky with no advance warning.
  12. Here we go. Another internet dress controversy.
  13. In 2008, one of the higher profile Virginia guys (Kaine? Warner?) decided not to run cuz he figured Hillary had the inside track, had stacked the deck in her favor with endorsements and whatever, would be invincible. Regardless, they did start with a field of nominees, including John Edwards, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, Dennis Kucinich, Chris Dodd. The more I saw of them, the more Obama looked like the winner in the bunch. I began that one supporting her, but got to see a debate when it was just her and Obama left, and that changed my mind. He was clearly the guy, in my view at least. I saw him and thought no way can they beat this guy. I can't blame her too much for utilitzing her connections (namely the marriage connection) -- that's how it often goes in politics. I mean, how many Bushes, how many Gores, Browns, Kennedys, etc. etc. But if it's going to be the first female president, ideally you'd like it to be someone who did it solo, which Obama definitely was, and which Bill Clinton was. There's plenty of fresh blood, just need the old timers to step to the side and give them a chance.
  14. Republicans would have had a field day ripping him to shreds. Old. Jewish. Socialist. Easy to envision how that would have gone. Honestly, I'd have been very happy to see him catch fire (more than he did) and win. I'd love to see a Jewish president. Old? Ehhhh.... not so much. (trying to do my Larry David impression here). Like, was Sanders gonna raise that black vote? Don't think so. He'd have appealed more to white progressives maybe. There was a moment in the debates that summed up my problem with Hillary. She was about to go off on some serious topic, and for some reason she started by saying "you know the other day, I was looking at my emails and checking out some of those cat videos... you know those?" and I thought I was gonna puke. Such a wooden and desperate and blatant and false attempt to connect with "ordinary people". You need someone who can get people fired up. She just can't do that. She got her turn, now it's someone else's turn.
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