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  1. Talking to some colleagues in Hong Kong and Philippines, they have had 4 to 6 shots of various brands
  2. Our python, Darwin Albino, is now 2 metres long but still at the thin stage, he will fatten up over the next few years. Very nice snake he is
  3. Now's the time for the dictator to implement a bunch of stuff with large gatherings banned
  4. Hi Coss, yes I understand, but still Oz usually follows a global trend not branches out on its own, in identifying a particular country for favoured status
  5. UAE? I bet it's a nice hotel And no one will notice that they have checked out and gone home
  6. Still no red notice, but I see a Chavalit on the there Another cop killer
  7. Saraburi is a bit of a shit hole, home to much drug dealing etc
  8. I'm surprised by Nepal, given the huge number of students in Australia from Nepal, one of our biggest markets pre COVID No 3 after India and China as of April 2021
  9. Mekong, it's a post made in jest, A literary pun so to speak, Nudity and the word Nana I giggles
  10. Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris Way if the Dragon I never realised what the subplot was. VID_44801114_005435_787.mp4
  11. Good Nana stuff from 1970!
  12. Australia is just in front, Plus we are using a vaccine no one else wants too, nothing to do with the side effect of dying of course
  13. Mine one eyed soldier hasn't evolved an inch, Still as I said to the girl who I was going to please with that little thing Myself I answered honestly
  14. Astra is the one giving Aussies blood clots What's wrong with the Chinese one?
  15. A Sunni cleric Sheik Ezzat Atiya (عزت عطية), President of the Hadith Department of Egypt's al-Azhar University issued a fatwa in 2007 encouraging women to breastfeed their male business colleagues so that the man could become symbolically related to the woman, thereby precluding any sexual relations and the need for both sexes to observe modesty. "Breast feeding an adult puts an end to the problem of the private meeting." It was later denounced and declared defamatory to Islam.[26]
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