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  1. I do complain about the person who posted the funny photo This is movies Not funny photos
  2. This must be the joke section? Post Thai content from you? Does it need a date?
  3. Chased you all over the place and you refused to remove it
  4. Coss ao you left a post by the founder up I had to chase you all over the place to get it removed? What's porn?
  5. And as others have pointed out no nude images posted just a link you fuckwit Here's a full length movie - More on topic than NZ Sheep Fucking https://www.xvideos.com/video63286401/napoleon_xxx_1_-_a_diary_of_a_sexual_conqueror_from_france
  6. Fuck of Coss you censor prick! You've pretty much destroyed this board sing;le handedly Back off
  7. Edit: ...www.xvideos.com/video599... MPIH, { If you're going to post porn, do it in the Board Sponsors Section. It's well established that K.S. prefers nude pix etc, to be unavailable to the general public viewing this site. The Board Sponsors Section, would be an appropriate place }
  8. 57% of Tasmanians now in line to the Danish throne
  9. Did he say "slope" Fucking racist!
  10. Yeah, no, towers, going on I've worked on these, both commercials and military, they have always been about warning sirens lights etc Never about being manned But I'm just going on the warning networks I've actually worked on across the region
  11. Someone isn't getting paid, or, more likely given how cheap hard drugs have become, is loosing a lot of money from their regular drug sales.
  12. Pointless manning the towers as human eyes pretty poor, towers far better at screaming at crowds and telling which way to run, which is very important and not always obvious
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