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  1. Hi Mekong, I am really sorry to hear this. I hope that you get the best docs (I actually I am quite sure that you will take care of the this) that you can live a full life as long as possible.
  2. You mean that the leader of the most powerful country on earth should not be able to spend Christmas holiday with his famliy at the place of his childhood? :surprised: I guess you expect that he pays Airforce One and his security out of his own pocket? I regard to Obama's and his familie's travels some US media and blogs are surprisingly petty-minded.
  3. Easy: For tax years 1944 through 1951, the highest marginal tax rate for individuals was 91%, increasing to 92% for 1952 and 1953, and reverting to 91% for tax years 1954 through 1963.[28] For the 1964 tax year, the top marginal tax rate for individuals was lowered to 77%, and then to 70% for tax years 1965 through 1981. In 1978 income brackets were adjusted for inflation, so fewer people were taxed at high rates.[29] The top marginal tax rate was lowered to 50% for tax years 1982 through 1986.[30] Reagan undid 40% of his 1981 tax cut, in 1983 he hiked gas and payroll taxes, and in 1984 he raised tax revenue by closing loopholes for businesses.[31] According to historian and domestic policy adviser Bruce Bartlett, Reagan's 12 tax increases over the course of his presidency took back half of the 1981 tax cut.[32] https://en.wikipedia...e_United_States
  4. it depends. If you like to learn basic HTML it take just a few days/nights and you can have a well designed WP blog/webisite outfitted with the latest plugins (visitor analysis, facebook integration, e.g.). If you don't have any interest/time to deal with setting it up at all, of course a paid web designer is the best option.
  5. It's interesting to see that since women became (financially/sexually) more independent, they start to pay for male/female prostitutes as well. See female sex tourism
  6. 1) It depends how complex your website shall be 2) Will you want/need your own domain name? 3) Will want to have it on your own server space for full control over the site? (this comes usually with the domain name). If it's a more complex website, with your own domain name and on your own server space (this doesn't mean to rent a server actually) I would go for provider which offers an auto install of Wordpress. Actually Wordpress is a blog software, but it can easily (mis-)used for having your own website as a real CMS (content management system**). It's open source and constantly being upgraded. It's the best blog software available hand it's highly regarded as a basic CMS system, by easily installing webpages and hiding the blog part. Even major companies have their websites based on Wordpress. Hundreds of free Website designs are available for Wordpress as well has hundred of free plugins. My recommendation for a provider would be Bluehost.com. Bluehost offers Wordpress as auto install and it can be installed within 1 minute. And it just takes one evening to understand how it's working and for to find a nice template (design). You don't even need to know HTML if you find a template which suits you (I use free template and have modified it, but for this you need at least basic knowledge in HTML.) BUT Bluehost is from Utah and kills your website if you published nude images. I have published some nudes on my Wordpress blog, but I guess there weren't aware of this. Anyway Bluehost receives excellent reviews since years used the latest server software, is fast and offers of 99% uptime. And Bluehost has an excellent online support. A few years ago my WP blog got hacked and they helped me to find the hack and to restore it. Don't go for providers like Godaddy which are mainly domain name dealers and are not that good in support for websites, blogs e.g. If you don't need your own domain and don't need 100% control, go for one of the free website builders. Here is a list for example: http://www.beautiful...bsite-builders/ But be aware, as soon as you want to upgrade to your own domain or so it's usually more expensive than Bluehost and similar providers. If you just want to post photographs and short texts go to Tumblr.com (free) or to Wordpress.com (free as well, hosted by Wordpress. A Wordpress.com blog can easily be moved to a self hosted Wordpress blog). Wordpress aside I use Tumblr as my side blog. Both hosted systems, Tumblr and WP, are easy to use. Tumblr is very image orientated, while WP is used by amateurs as well be professionals with thousands of readers for personal or highly professional content. Conclusion: you can own your own, fine website for a basic fee of around 5-10 USD per month without the need to learn HTML or to employ a webdesigner to do it for you - unless your website is essential for your business, or you want a specific design. **CMS means that changes of the fonts, colors e.g. applies to all pages to your website and if you add new content you don't need to deal with the design of the content at all. Today every website which has more than one/two pages usually is based on a CMS.
  7. Is saw Western women at Tilac. Actually I pitied them a little bit. Even though I guess they will almost probably deny that they'd do it, but if they compare themselves with the BGs they might realize that their Siamese sisters are much more sexy and attraktive (with clothes as well, as every trip at the Skytrain proves). And If they had a closer look at the audience, they might realize that at Tilac were a lot of younger Farangs who ignored them completely.
  8. The Rice matter was a pre-election thing. The right tried to make it into a huge scandal for to damage Obama's standing in regard to foreign policy. I remember a statistics that Fox committed more airtime on Rice and the attack on the consulate in Libay than on Sandy. Unfortunately for FOX/the GOP Sandy and Obama's response to it caught the attention of the public. For many years foreign policy was a weak spot of the Dems and a selling point for the GOP - but this time Obama had Osama bin Ladin and other Al Qaida leaders eliminated and the Arab spring happened without any US solidiers killed: the GOP had lost foreign policy line of attack almost completely (even though they constantly tried to paint Obama as weakling and unpatriotic). Now the Lybia/Rice matter is fizzling out and McCain has to retreat. I guess finally McCain realized that he was making a fool out of himself and did damaged himself severely.
  9. Hagman is still famous in Germany. Last year I he appeared in German tv commercials for solar panels, with his typical Texas dress and his laugh. He still looked good. Here are the US versions of the commercials: http://youtu.be/4_WZkAwpzMY http://youtu.be/P5fZqcCX23g
  10. I haven't been to Nana for years. Billboard aside, which other bars do you recommend?
  11. Even though I never met him, I think it's not fair the they forced him to return to the West for to die. I guess he would have been more happy in his last days with his pals and some Thai nurses around him...
  12. I am surprise that you are surprised This hasn't anything to do with rational decisions. Don't forget that the right has been demonizing Obama since he became a candidate for president. For example one result of Obama's first election was that gun sales exploded. The same happened in recent months when people started to _fear_ that he would be reelected. All the while Obama didn't touch the issue of restricting gun sales at all and there wasn't the smallest hint that he would touch the issue during his second term. BTW, that's why there is such infighting in within the GOP: in the end the GOP started to beliefe it's own propaganda that Obama is the devil who will destroy the USA. They where really shocked to learn that the majority of the electorate saw Obama completely differently. And now they struggle how to deal with the reality.
  13. I visited their website for the details of the Elite card member privileges, but for to learn about the privileges you must be a Elite card holder. I don't think that any membership card in the world can be more exclusive....
  14. If you are stuck in Afghanistan and have no TG at hand, even a US women will look good. BTW her slightly masculine facial features suggest that she is a post-op Kathoey.
  15. More details about the affair are coming out. This Paula Bodwell seems to be a tough cookie. But seeing photographs of Petraeus' wife I can understand that he now and then wanted to dine outside the house.
  16. That makes the reaction of Thai officials really disgusting. We had this before: the Thai "reality" collides with the rules and perception of the outside world. When this happens Thai officials always seem to lose, since they can't bend media/authorities/rules/people's opinion outside LOS and force them to follow their distorted reasoning - like they are being used to inside LOS. But the knee jerk and foolish reaction of the Thai authorities shows that the video has in fact a very negative impact on Krabi tourism. If the pressure keeps up it will finally force the Thai authorities to address the cover-up of the rape.
  17. The reactions show that the video worked very well. Blocking it of course would make it worse, since even more Brits will want to see then... PS: It seems that the Thai authorities involved very heard of date rape...
  18. VIDEO RAPE SHOCK - ANGRY FATHER POSTS VIDEO ON YOU TUBE SHOTGUN TOTING FATHER PROTESTS BAIL FOR TOURIST GUIDE WHO ALLEGEDLY BRUTALLY BEAT AND RAPED HIS DAUGHTER - FROM ANDREW DRUMMOND, BANGKOK - A shotgun toting angry father whose model daughter was raped while on holiday in Thailand has put an emotional musical video up on the internet in protest that her attacker has been given bail. The father of a 19-yr-old model, who herself stars in music videos, has titled the song ‘Evil Man in Krabi’ after the province in southern Thailand where she was raped earlier this year. And holding a shotgun in front of a photo of her alleged attacker he asks if the rapist would beg for mercy if he ever caught up with him.The words of the song go: Would you like to face me? We’ll get ÿou out in the wild Would you feel the pain that you put inside my child? Would you pray to god just to stay alive? Would you beg him on your knees? Would you lay aside, would you lose your pride? Would you say don’t hurt me please? Evil Man from Krabi we’re going to put him into jail? A Thai tour guide has been arrested for the rape of the 19-yr-old model who told the police that she was beaten so severely that she is sure she would have died if she had not finally stopped resisting the attack. She was raped after attending her own 19th birthday party at Chang Bar, in Ao Nang resort in Krabi. Chumpon Khaonuang was identified by the girl from CCTV footage taken at the Chang Bar in Ao Nang. The girl’s boyfriend had retired early and she had accepted a lift back to her holiday apartment after Khaonuang said he was going her way. The girl was treated for injuries at Krabi Hospital and was able to testify at a special court hearing before returning home to the Amsterdam. Krabi Provincial Police also say they have DNA evidence Despite the evidence Khaonuang was allowed bail and after an initial confession has pleaded not guilty. RAPE SUSPECT CHUMPON KHAONUANG The father's song is preceeded by a statement in both English and Thai which states: "In the night of July 27th our beloved daughter was beaten badly and raped by a tour guide in Ao Nang province of Krabi. The man escaped but was found after one month. They put him in jail but now he is free on bail and denying what happened. It cannot be that a man gets away with this crime not in Holland, not in Thailand, not in the whole world." On the 27th of July we went to Chang Bar around 11.30 to celebrate Xxxx's upcoming birthday. Around 2 am we walked outside and I went to fetch the scooter. At the time Xxxx was waiting next to a big tree opposite Chang Bar. As I came back with the scooter I saw a Thai guy sitting next to her. Xxxx had decided to stay longer as I was tired and went back to my guesthouse to sleep. “ “The next morning around 9 am I was woken by the owner of Nature View guesthouse telling me that the hospital was on the line and wanted to talk to me. "The nurse/Dr told me that I must go to the emergency room ASAP. “As I walked into the Emergency Room xxxx was sitting on the hospital bed crying and very traumatised. I asked what went wrong and she said ‘I was raped’. “Besides that, I recognised that she was not only raped but beaten too as her right side of her face was swollen up with a dark shaded blue undertone . Her upper lip was swollen severely. “She told me that in the early hours of the morning around 3 am she got a lift with the Thai guy she was talking to as he offered to take her home. “When she realised that he was driving the wrong way she asked him to stop, said thank you and that she would walk herself. “When she got of the scooter the Thai guy grabbed her and pulled her further away from the road and threw her down on the ground. “He overpowered her. She said if she didn't stop fighting him he would’ve killed her, as he was very aggressive and was beating the last energy out of her until she was very weak. “After he raped her he got on his scooter and drove off. Xxxx got help from some locals nearby and got taken to the Krabi Hospitalâ€. It is understood that the victim was offered an inducement to drop the case by the alleged rapist's 'sister', another bar owner in Ao Nang. The offer was refused. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO Current Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advisory Thailand: "There have been incidents of sexual offences committed against foreign men and women, especially in the Koh Samui archipelago. Since 2009, a number of British nationals were victims of serious sexual offences. There have been incidents where tourists have had their drinks drugged in both tourist areas and red light districts. Be careful about taking drinks from strangers and at clubs and parties, particularly in Koh Samui and Pattaya and, at the Full Moon party on Koh Phangan, where date rapes have been reported. Some British nationals have suffered severe psychiatric problems because of drug use, resulting in some suicides." http://www.andrew-drummond.com/2012/10/video-rape-shock-angry-father-posts.html
  19. Krabi hit by tourist protest (vdo) Large numbers of tourists have cancelled their trips to Krabi province after a video clip emerged as a sign of protest against provincial authorities who gave bail to a man accused of raping a foreign woman in Ao Nang. Photo by Yvonne Bohwongprasert Ithirit Kinglek, head of Krabi’s tourism authority, said the video clip called Evil man from Krabi which has circulated on the internet for about two weeks has affected the province’s tourism industry. He said many tourists from England have cancelled their trips after the video emerged on YouTube. The content of the clip talks about several violent incidents that involved foreigners in Ao Nang and have been allegedly covered up by Thai authorities. The clip maker is the father of a 27-year-old Dutch woman who was beaten and raped by a Thai tour guide. The guide was later given bail by the authorities. Another incident concerned teenagers attacking a tourist couple. The man was stabbed and wounded severely while his girlfriend barely escaped with the assistance of the locals in the area. Mr Ithirit said European tourists have questioned their safety and concerns about going to Krabi. He said authorities in Krabi had tried to cover up similar crimes against tourists. http://www.bangkokpo...tourist-protest Here is the video which caused the boycott http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRErWjo809g
  20. Andrew Sullivan (the Dish Blog at Daily Beast) to St. Colbert at the Colber Report: “There’s a black man in power who has nothing to lose.†:surprised: http://www.thedailyb...ight-video.html It must be the white man's Tea Party biggest fear.
  21. I like Munchie's Scotland thread. No one - except 1-2 two people - knows the place and no one outside GB seems to have an opinion about it.
  22. By the way: the best source for audiobooks: The Audiobook Bay More audiobooks than at any general torrent site. Very clean!
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