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  1. and the taxi meter income has not risen since like 20 years while inflation has been like 100%++?
  2. win8/8.1? seems to be loads of reports of this exact scenario that I also have on my brand new asus ultrabook!
  3. the dems have condemned this murder thus........
  4. what happens to all the bmw not to mention all the camrys without plates over in cambodia???
  5. i dont see why the PT couldnt loose big time ... who would vote for a totally incompetent swindling party with or without yingluck?? it just takes a second worst party to be better than PT... dems & any coalition would be the most likely outcome for sure....after the reforms! hah!!!
  6. seriously even before this first car scam I wonder who are buying any second hand cars cuz everyone seem to be sensible and only buying new?
  7. great thinking ... maybe we could setup some kind of second hand dealership to cash in on this exact scenario or perhaps even better a racing track for folks to vent their frustrations in somewhat safer environs?
  8. when will be the day that thai vehicles actually follow the hierarchy of slow lane vs. fast lane & keeping left and avoiding dangerous undertakings and slalom for the fastest cars? my initial bet would be circa 2557 or never
  9. never had a problem or heard of such substansial. usual taxes either included direct or specified to be added on agogo, booking.com etc is: 7% vat and 10% serv. charge when booking in thai baht/local curency. if it has to do with being in the us try a proxy? btw current price at ambassador is around 2500bt up for std double incl. taxes
  10. and the charge will be 14 days community work and a fine of 1000bt or both?
  11. cav just admit it your current mission is mr a...... and now you just pissed off that first attempt failed
  12. how many more times will she say she will quiet until she is kicked out (that stubborn incompetent lying bitch will never ever quiet of her own free will period.)?? very very boring by now
  13. this way we will never move forward. better just keep the usual bullshit going right? and results of some 2 years as PM will be compared to some 10 years right? for starters the dems condemned the murder of their main competitor & asked their government to hunt down the culprits? now tell me just once when the reds have shown such level headed behaviour? just once...shouldn't be hard right even if insincere lol
  14. any comments on the madam facebook yet?
  15. umm did u try pra pradaeng or ko kret lol? maybe u could try some of the more or less deserted beaches in petchaburi down your way say puk tien or the likes? never saw a farang anywhere near there, but while no island the sea food was cheap and abundant!
  16. yeah hitting FFW would be excellent
  17. yup fun tonite. interesting sign either way. national park a classic
  18. Regarding the splashing and fun I believe RCA has the best spirit of thainess and happiness in bkk with hot sexist beer chicks dancing along with gay singers ladyboys et all. also not too many obnoxious farang or africans to overplay the evil or naughty card...pure smiles and fun not a single fight in sight or very drunks while im not one for massive crowds I did actually have fun there! !
  19. I met a few police controls neither checking license nor giving reason to stop me. however nice waste of time indeed no funds asked or offered to speeding or alcohol pockets
  20. the real shocker is that someone acknowledged the success of reducing teen preggies there is still hope!
  21. the road rage is easy to understand cuz everybody drives like fuck! so the only way to prevail is to be calm and work the system instead of trying to fix it umm cav perhaps u can pickup a good bargain on a sweet tranny around chonburi somewhere famous with a beach rd do remember to lubricate it well though before putting it in overdrive
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