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  1. ... don't you mean, the greatest two inches of her life.
  2. We're talking about waerth and not Wearth.
  3. ... so you're saying Obama and Jesus same-same? ... or those reports are pure BS. Link ... and for many, memories of Obama have faded to images of a friendly kid who juggled books and basketball. There is no mention of a vocal student determined to change the world, just a basketball-obsessed boy who was back on the court the day after winning the state championships with his senior year team. "The Barry you saw back then, he was a little bit different ... not out in the limelight," said Burt Heilbron, another classmate, who is vice president of Hawaiian Agents Inc., a product warehousing and distribution company. "He was not outspoken, but always a very well-liked person at Punahou." ... Link2 Obama's teammates Alan Lum and Dan Hale say those years with the kid they called "Barry" are some of their most memorable. The three friends were part of a basketball-obsessed group of students known as the "Rat-ballers."
  4. Tell your "friend" it would be cheaper and better to get a cheap flight to BKK.
  5. ... more like dumb and dumber.
  6. There was a bigger kid, shown in the last part, that was instigating the whole thing! The principal should have been suspended for not doing anything about the bullying.
  7. He'll probably piss off someone in PP and that will be that.
  8. ... just like other Thai fugitives.
  9. ... but is he still teaching?
  10. What color-shirts are the anti-Stick factions?
  11. Travelling hundreds of miles to bully women is so cool.
  12. Crow? He said he went up to Galt land, with muscle, to intimidate and bully a TG! Don't see how that is anything to be proud of.
  13. ... nope, those are the bellies of dead chickens from his cock fight!
  14. I guess we know at least one person that reads Stick.
  15. You do realize that TAT (tourism Authority of Thailand) promotes Patpong, a redlight district.
  16. Uhhh, when you going to finish your stories?
  17. ... and then using your medical knowledge you were able to resuscitate 3 cocks.
  18. Is there a Cliff's Note's version somewhere? Farang baa.
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