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  1. I remember the first visit for my work. Seven and a half hours in the chair. Marathon. But had two cute nurses holding my hand the entire time. :grin:
  2. Hope your brushing daily
  3. Seems like Thantakit charges twice the going rate for cleanings and periodontic work. For example' date=' a deep cleaning costs about 1600-2000 quadrant from everywhere else I've looked but costs 4000 per quadrant there. Is it that much better than the others? You might find this link useful: http://www.medithai.net/dentists/dentist-bangkok.shtml [/quote'] I had exstensive dental work done over 2 years ago. Made a number of appointments before I arrived in BKK and Chiang Mai. Did my research and your right they are considerably dearer but the level of comfortability I found with them was the deciding factor. Money was not the first concern. I have never had a problem with any of their work. I have however heard some nasty stories from a couple of other well known establishments. Never heard a bad report about Thantakit and know quiet a few who have been there.
  4. I guess the big difference is the user interface. Makes sense. Add to that the fact that it runs OSX as it base you got a pretty smart phone. Being a mac user I would say this phone is years ahead of any other product.
  5. http://www.thantakit.com/main.html There should be a permanent link to this question. Think I have posted these details about a dozen times.
  6. England Holland Germany Brazil Argentina
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