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  1. Iran plane crash: Trudeau believes that missile downed jet Evidence suggests an Iranian missile brought down a Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed near Tehran, possibly in error, Western leaders say. The leaders of Canada and the UK called for a full and thorough investigation into the crash, which killed all 176 people on board. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-51055219 Nah, Trump must have done it ...
  2. All is well again! Michael Moore has apologised to the Ayatollahs on behalf of the American people. 😀 p.s. When did we elected that walking lump of food to be our spokesman? I must gave missed that. Anything to get his name into the press, I suppose.
  3. And Hillary was just copying Hitler and Stalin.
  4. Political figures like to make threats of war. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warned Tehran on Tuesday that if she were president, the United States could “totally obliterate” Iran in retaliation for a nuclear strike against Israel. On the day of a crucial vote in her nomination battle against fellow Democrat Barack Obama, the New York senator said she wanted to make clear to Tehran what she was prepared to do as president in hopes that this warning would deter any Iranian nuclear attack against the Jewish state. “I want the Iranians to know that if I’m the president, we will attack Iran (if it attacks Israel),” Clinton said in an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “In the next 10 years, during which they might foolishly consider launching an attack on Israel, we would be able to totally obliterate them,” she said. ... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-politics-iran/clinton-says-u-s-could-totally-obliterate-iran-idUSN2224332720080422
  5. All this talk about men in their underwear is getting suspiciously gay.
  6. Did Britain meddle in a US presidential election? When US President George HW Bush craved "a smoking gun" in 1992 to politically kneecap his White House challenger Bill Clinton, the British government delved into its files for damaging information. So, did the Bush camp solicit foreign interference to help him win an election - the allegation that has seen President Trump impeached? "A guy like that doesn't deserve to be president," President Bush told his sister about Clinton. He viewed the young Arkansas governor, who was the same age as Bush's eldest son, as a scoundrel and felt confident he could roll over him. But the president sorely underestimated a political thaumaturge, so gifted that his ascent to the White House had been foreseen when he was aged just seven by his school teacher. To Bush's mystification, his saxophone-tootling challenger's popularity in opinion polls was even defying the gravity of revelations about his draft-dodging past. The Republican, a decorated World War 2 fighter pilot, dictated to his diary: "I'm tired of this guy lying and ducking on the draft and not coming clean." Bush had another problem - his campaign was as stale as the recession-sapped US economy. So he turned for inspiration across the Atlantic to his friend, UK Prime Minister John Major. The British premier's come-from-behind general election win in April 1992 was being touted by American conservatives as a blueprint for the US president. Bush had a very special relationship with Major, his brother-in-arms from the 1990-91 Gulf War, as has previously been revealed in transcripts of their private conversations obtained by the BBC. He once spoke of sending him "a love letter" and assured the British PM "obviously we're rooting for you" to beat Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock. Two UK Tory panjandrums - architects of the PM's surprise victory - flew to Washington eight weeks before the US election and advised the Bush team to focus attacks on Clinton's character. The president's campaign hired an opposition research specialist to dig for dirt in Britain. What happened next was either a bureaucratic mishap, or an egregious act of political meddling by the UK in the internal politics of a friendly nation. At some point in early October 1992, the Home Office inspected its immigration nationality section to see whether Clinton had applied for British citizenship while at Oxford University from 1968-70 in order to escape the Vietnam draft. Briefing reporters on background, the department said its "comprehensive" check was conducted out of "sheer helpfulness" to the media, even though it usually always rebuffed journalists with the stock answer that it did not discuss individual cases. Nothing compromising on the Democrat was discovered, though it remains an open question how any such political bombshell, had it been excavated, would have been handled by Whitehall. That same month, a frustrated Bush would dictate to his diary that "we cannot get this smoking gun on Clinton". All Major could offer him were well wishes. The British premier called Bush on Air Force One during a last burst of campaigning two days ahead of November's election. "I wanted to wish you a great hurrah and all of my best for the home stretch," Major said, according to a transcript of their conversation at the Bush presidential library in Texas. But he had backed the wrong horse - Clinton trounced Bush. Returning to the White House a day after he lost, the humiliated one-term president grew emotional, according to biographer Jon Meacham. Bush dictated to his diary that he was thinking to himself: "How in God's name did this country elect a draft dodger?" A month later, when the Home Office publicly acknowledged having carried out the file check, the victorious Clinton did not hide his annoyance. "They should have more pressing business," he said of British officials when asked about the controversy during a morning jog in Little Rock, Arkansas. That very same day, 6 December 1992, Major wrote a letter of apology to the US president-elect. According to a copy of the correspondence, declassified only last year by the UK National Archives, the British premier said he was "disturbed by reports which have appeared about enquiries by our Home Office relating back to your time at Oxford". "I am only sorry," Major added, "that it has been played up now in a mischievous way. I hope the mischief will be short-lived." The file does not indicate that Clinton responded. Later that month, Major flew to Washington on an official working visit. He had hoped to mend fences with the president-elect during the trip. But Clinton declined to meet him - the Washington Post described it as a snub. With the so-called special relationship on ice, Labour MPs jeered the prime minister in the House of Commons in February 1993 as he denied taking sides in a US election. Margaret Beckett, the opposition's deputy leader, was among members of Parliament who shook her head sceptically at Major's explanation. "No I didn't buy it," the MP for Derby South tells the BBC, remembering that day in the chamber 27 years ago. "I thought at the very least there must have been a nod and wink [between the US and UK]. [etc etc ...] https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-50752217
  7. NAKHON PHANOM: The lowest level of water in the Mekong river in several decades has caused sandbanks to emerge, obstructing boat services across the border between Thailand and Laos, according to a local report. The low level of water has been caused by many factors including drought and retention of water at the numerous dams upstream in China. At many spots in Muang, Tha Uthen, Ban Phaeng and That Phanom districts, the water level is now only about one metre high, causing sandbanks more than one kilometre long to emerge, hampering cross-border boat services. The boats are forced to travel a much a longer distance around to circumvent the sandbanks. Fishery and riverside agriculture have been affected. Sayam Sirimongkol, the provincial governor, said that with the rainy season several months away, a plan has been laid to overcome the problem. Machines have been used to dredge water channels to make way for the boat services and dig up the river bed in order to create basins for the production of tap water. After submitting a request to the government, the province has been initially provided with nearly 200 million baht for 371 projects to dredge water resources in 12 districts to store water for consumption and agriculture, he said. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1829189/mekong-sandbanks-obstruct-cross-border-boat-services?fbclid=IwAR1TxmR3GZOrqkBK_upYmUXoB9ZdXjYhHrNgKu95FKNjPMSbJ80eDXDVf5U#cxrecs_s
  8. One hit Bangkok a few years back. Even adult Thais here had never seen hail before. p.s. I'd love to have a hail storm hit us one of these days, even just a bit of rain. It's too damned dry in Bangkok right now, and weather predictions are for a drought in Issan this year.
  9. When I was a university student ages ago, I knew quite a few Iranian students. Not one of them was a raving loony Islamist, though they all opposed the Shah (but not openly). The overthrow of the Shah was celebrated in Iran, but then the ayatollahs took over and made it even more oppressive. This general was a backer of the ayatollahs and no one in one's right mind can mourn his passing. Unfortunately, no one really knows how the Islamist nutters will react. BBC: "General Soleimani was widely seen as the second most powerful figure in Iran, behind Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. "The 62-year-old spearheaded Iran's Middle East operations as head of the elite Quds Force, and was hailed by the government as a heroic national figure. "But the US branded the commander and the Quds Force terrorists, holding them responsible for the deaths of hundreds of US personnel. "Speaking on Friday afternoon, President Trump said Soleimani was 'plotting imminent and sinister attacks'on US diplomats and military personnel in Iraq and elsewhere in the region."
  10. What I see going on in Oz is unbelievable. The whole country seems to be being destroyed, especially the wildlife.
  11. How dare Trump! Drone strikes under the Bush Administration: 51. Strikes under the Obama Administration: 373. Strikes under the Trump Administration: 5.
  12. No effect, I imagine. It doesn't undo everything he has done, any more than changing the party in power automatically undoes everything the previous party had done.
  13. I had a colleague in the 1990s whose brother had been an Arkansas State Trooper assigned to the Clinton governor's mansion. The brother said that Hillary had come close to divorcing Bill because of his constant playing around. She had finally exploded in anger, throwing a lamp across the room at him. But he had begged her not to do so, since it would ruin his chances to become President. She agreed to keep up the pretense, but that was the end of the relationship. I wouldn't be surprised if Melania has remained with Trump only for the same reason. She certainly didn't look very happy when the election results began to show the Donald as winning the election. And after all, how many rich men who have beautiful wives got them simply because of their charm and romantic behaviour?
  14. Mekong Cargo Ships Grounded after China Dam Reduces Water Thailand’s Department of Water Resources has warned eight provinces on the Mekong river to prepare for water shortages. Chinese cargo ships have now stopped operating on the Mekong river from Chiang San pier in Chiang Rai up to Myanmar, Laos, and China. Some cargo boats from Laos are already stuck in shallow water due to a continuous decrease in the river level. The Chinese Water Resources Authority has issued a notification to water management authorities in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia on the planned water discharge reduction from Jinghong dam upstream. 1st-3rd January, Jinghong dam will reduce its water discharge rate to 800-1,000 cubic meters per hour. The Dam will also lower that amount to 500-800 cubic meters per hour on 4th January. After this period, the water discharge will be restored to the normal level. The discharge reduction is due to the planned testing of electricity transmission equipment at the dam. Chiang Rai Provincial Marine Department has warned riverside residents and those commuting on Mekong river ferries to be on alert. The water level in Thailand is expected to decrease from 2nd January onwards. The Office of National Water Resources now expects the dam affected will extend to Loei on 10th-13th Janaury. And also proceed to affect other provinces downstream until 19th January. The office has also notified provincial governors of Chiang Rai; Loei; Nong Khai; Bueng Kan; Nakhon Phanom; Mukdahan; Amnat Charoen; and Ubon Ratchathani. https://www.chiangraitimes.com/thailand-national-news/chiangrai-news/mekong-cargo-ships-grounded-after-china-dam-reduces-water/
  15. What country? Well, not Japan. Ex-Bangkok police chief caught with gun at Narita airport https://www.bangkokpost.com/learning/learning-news/602584/ex-bangkok-police-chief-caught-with-gun-at-narita-airport
  16. Flashermac


    What would you expect on the World Fashion Channel?
  17. Flashermac


    Here's one take on her, but it basically seems to come down to the fact that she is not British! https://wfc.tv/en/articles/selebrity/why-does-everyone-hate-meghan-markle Sort of like the Americans who love immigrants ... unless they happen to be married to Donald Trump.
  18. It's certainly not a natural reaction to join the KKK, except for those who sympathise with them anyway. The Antifa violence and targeting of politicians by the loony left has encouraged the racist types to react by joining the racist right, when otherwise they might have just stayed fellow travellers.
  19. Posted tongue in cheek, but believe it or not Thais almost to a man blame Soros for causing the 1997 crash. I'm sure he made a fortune off of it, but I doubt if he could have caused it all by himself.
  20. Both men have expressed shock at being detained and claimed no knowledge of guns or ammunition. One is still in Thailand awaiting a court hearing in March while the other, a respected fire chief in Pennsylvania, was released and arrived home in the United States on Christmas Eve. Two disturbing incidents just over three weeks apart at Suvarnabhumi Airport have seen two Americans visiting Thailand arrested by security at the international airport after a single bullet was found in their luggage. The latest American to be arrested is still stranded in Bangkok awaiting a court appearance after his family wired thousands of dollars to pay for a lawyer and bail him out while the first American arrested, a 30 years old veteran fire chief from Pennsylvania who is highly respected at home, was released and allowed to return to the United States for Christmas Eve but not before spending time in a Thai prison. ... https://www.thaiexaminer.com/thai-news-foreigners/2019/12/26/american-men-suvarnabhumi-airport-respected-michael-jones-morra-ohio-pennsylvania-bullet-luggage/ So it's arrived here. https://edition.cnn.com/2015/11/04/aviation/philippines-airport-bullet-bag-scam-tanim-bala/index.html?fbclid=IwAR3_mIT3NJ58Np3kHStp1qS19-Y_ei40J5ZRh6xWZS3g2kDEXtc7qmyAgH8
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