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Property values set to Plunge-Here we go...


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Actually, if you live on Soi 31, you are in Ket (District) Watthana. Ket Klong Toey begins on the other side of Sukhumvit (even side). Watthana runs from expressway to expressway, and then from Sukhumvit to Petchburi. I know because I live in this area, and had to register with the District Office in relation to my PR status.


I am not sure what what the Kwang (sub-district) is for Soi 31, and I am not about to mention my own.


If you are familiar with Amphors and Tamboons - perhaps from talking to lasses from Issan?? - Kets are basically the metropolitan versions of Amphors and Kwangs that of Tamboons - roughly.

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When you buy land for development, you survey what the highest and best use of the land would be (what would generate the most income). If zoning restrictions limit how high you can build and how much volume of space you can create, that's going to directly impact the cashflows that can be generated from any building on that land.


If zoning rules change to be more restrictive, than the earning potential of the land decreases. Thus property values fall.


I have no clue about the new zoning restrictions, how they compare to the old zoning restrictions, and how enforcement (which really is the problem in many cases here) would work.



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I believe he was referring to the "realness" of food or sustinance for the people that are living "off of the land"( as most Thais are).That is the logical deduction from his post it seems... We should stay on subject instead of personal petty shots .Yes the Fly is opinionated but we all are to varing degrees.

I am sorry to say this but your post seems rather unkind to me. ::

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markle said:

Ah but you forgot that it's not necessarily in scare supply, developers could simply move out of the CBD. Speaking of which where the hell is the CBD?


You missed my point. If developers quit developing in the zoned area (CBD), then property (for people that want to be in the CBD) will become scarce and landlords will be able to raise rents, thereby generating more income, therefore making the property more valuable.


I thought the CBD in Bangkok was the Silom/Sathorn area. I'm sure somebody will correct me. :dunno:


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Although I disagree with the official, I hope he is correct. Time to buy a condo?


As mentioned, Klong Toei (this is the offical BMA spelling, however you will see Klong Toey and Klongtoey also) District has three sub-districts:


a. Klongtoei (From Soi 0 to Soi 22, from Sukhumvit to the Chao Praya river, Kasem Rat section and all of the port area)

b. Klongton (From Soi 22 to Soi 36, from Sukhumvit to under the Expressway)

c. Phrakanong (From Soi 36 to Soi 52, from Sukhumvit to under the Expressway).


The following Districts border Klong Toei:


Wattana (North of Sukhumvit)

Pathumwan, Sathorn, Yannawa (West of the Soi 0/Railroad line to the river)

Phrakanong (East of Soi 52) (yes, very confusing that there is a [Khet] District Phrakanong and a [Kwang] Sub-District of Phrakanong - and not in the same one).



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>>>since I read this your post this morning I am sitting at my desk and all is wet from my tears of joy. and the other BLABLABLA...<<<



lovely reply. creates a very good mood and athmosphere.

well, mostly i do post in topics where i do know about. in topics i don't know shit i don't need to blather some assinine comments which have nothing whatsoever to do with the topic at hand. as i said - i shut up and learn from other's knowledge. and i dunno, i was brought up in a way that there is no shame in amitting not knowing about something. :dunno:


now, that off my soul, to your question about the "real" worth of agricultural land. simple - it is measured by what you can get from that land by whatever agricultural thing you do with it. that has been part of my family's business since generations, i grew up with that way of thinking. it comes instinctive for me.

i guess that is somewhat similar with urban land, but i do not know the different rules of speculation combined with whatever might be earned from rents an whatever other factors there might be. to make it simple - i am not a business man, never pretended to be, and no aspirations to ever be one.


so, can we please get back to the topic at hand and stop derailing the thread with childish banter?

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