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  1. Please explain if you were getting stamped in for 90 days based on Non-Imm "O" visa how you stayed in Thailand over 90 days requiring the 90 day address report? TH
  2. If you got stamped in for 90 days each time you entered, why would you have an address report slip stapled in passport? Post a picture of what you are calling your "retirement visa". It has already been made clear to those that understand the process that what you are calling "stamped in for 90 days" is in fact the 90 days address report and not your permission to stay stamp. TH
  3. Remake of the Three Stooges. We got up left after about 15 minutes. It was downright painful to watch TH
  4. If you have an address report slip in your passport ( Which you claimed to have), you had an extension. There is no other reason for having one as you only need to do the report if you stay in the country over 90 days and the only way to do that is to have an extension. Here is an address report. You do indeed appear to now have a real non-Imm “B†visa in your passport issued by a consulate outside Thailand. They are always a one page paste in. I posted an example earlier. When you entered back into Thailand, you received a 90 day permission to stay stamp. (See the photo
  5. Now I see what your misunderstanding is about. The 90 day address report has nothing to do with your permission to stay stamp or your extension. It is a completely separate process that requires you to report your address if you stay in the country for more than 90 days. It is not how long you are allowed to stay in the country, and missing a report is not an “overstayâ€, it is missing a report and incurs a 2,000 baht fine when you go to the next report if you haven’t left and reset the address report clock. When you leave the country exit Immigration doesn’t care about the addr
  6. To this day our company does not allow domestic flights on Garuda. The international divison has gotten off the list. Aeroflot is completly forbiden. TH
  7. Did you even read my post? If you got the extension, your "Visa" is meaningless. They will only stamp you in until the date on the re-entry permit. If indeed you are entering on a visa and getting 90 day stamps, all reports are they will still give 90 days regardless of the expiry date of the visa (which in not the re-entry permit). TH
  8. In 2010, immigration added a check for Stage 3 syphilis to the medical form. The only check for that is blood test. Immigration does not required the results of the test to be attached and still accepts the signed off form alone. Some clinics and all hospitals will not sign the form with the blood test. You can still get many of the small independent clinics to sign off without the blood test. TH
  9. You missed the point. Forget about the visa. With a re-entry permit the visa is meaningless. Immigration will only give you a permission to stay stamp date that matches the “until date†on the re-entry permit. That is what a re-entry permit does, it keeps the date of your current permission to stay stamp the same when you re-enter. Once you get an extension (and re-entry permit to keep it “alive every time you leave and return) the visa no longer means anything. If you are staying on 90 day permission to stay stamps why do you have a re-entry permit? The only reason is because
  10. The young man is just a visitor and freely admits that. He is likely blissfully unaware that he is violating the employment laws. Not sure where the market is located, but as long as nobody makes a complaint he will be ok. The TV producers are likely well aware of the problems they could cause by showing him on the program. Appears to me that is part of the ongoing joke they are having at his expense. I agree that his ignoring the employment laws is wrong and makes a mockery of those of us that work legally. That is why when he gets busted I will have no sympathy for his plight, thoug
  11. I think you all are confusing the re-entry permit issued to keep an extension of a permission to stay stamp with a visa. It is very difficult to discuss this because people use the wrong terminology and do not understand the process. Without seeing the actual pages and stamps in the passports it is impossible to show them what they actually have. If you have a non-Imm “O or B†visa and enter before the “Date of Expiry†on it they will give you a 90 day permission to stay stamp regardless of the “Date of Expiryâ€. Here is visa. It is a Non Imm “B†multi entry good for one
  12. Go to link for pictures. Mutiny on the ‘Death Railway’Published by Andrew Drummond on June 17th, 2012 in General News 5 Comments, 769 views since 29th May 2012 From Andrew Drummond IN BANGKOK (click here for) Mail on Sunday – June 17 2010 THE prisoners of war were at breaking point. All day long they had been kept at a Thai railway marshalling yard in the tropical heat, covered in grime, drenched in sweat, prodded and pushed by Japanese guards shouting from the tops of cattle trucks that the prisoners were expected to board. The wagons were there to tran
  13. From my limited knowledge and what I have read, it sure sounds like some sort of chemical poisoning. It could be from an incorrectly prepared puffer fish. I read that poorly or incorrectly process cassava chips can contain dangerous levels of cyanide. Though that sounds unlikely as you would think that several people would have gotten sick and/or died. Personally, I think the most likely reason is a reaction to a pesticide used in the room at way too high level. You do have to wonder if that is the case, how the girls were able to stay in the room for long enough to get that sick
  14. The Bangkok Pundit has an article that discusses the actual wording of the proposed amendments to section 291. According to his translation there is wording in the amendments that explicating forbid changing the system of government from a constitutional monacrch The amendments are actually broader than Section 291(1) as not only do they not allow the effect of changing the democratic regime of government with the King as Head of State or changing the form of State, but they also do not allow the draft to the amend provisions in the Chapter on the King – which is Chapter II of the C
  15. The uplifts from base salary for working in such places usually is around 20-40%. The base salary is going to be well over 100k USD a year for an experienced person. Working at a camp in West Africa would be 35% at 8 weeks on 2 weeks off. A camp in Saudi is 23% with same rotation. The other big contributor to big paycheck when working in a camp is the work week is usually 60 hours or more. TH
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