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no he won't coach a crap team!

he can basically go wherever he wants now, just because he has a house in cali doesn't mean he is coaching a team of 2nd division players!!!


It is gonna be a european top club or even a Bundesliga team, there are some rumors!

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There is a lot of diplomatic dance going on concerning Klinsmann's status. But there are more than a few clues pointing to the fact that he's about to take the Coach's Office in USMNT's training center in Carson, California:


1) It is no coincidence that Klinsmann is taking 6 months off, whereas Arena's contract ends about 6 months from now.

2) Klinsmann is smart not to offend his fan base in Germany and not to make Arena, his personal friend, look bad by taking over USMNT's coaching job right away.

3) Klinsmann is savvy to say the right things: "I have no contact with USMNT and no interest in that gig." His agent and lawyer almost certainly have told him that, legally, he is not lying by saying that, because it is perfectly natural for him to "change his mind" during the 6-month hiatus.

4) According to a poll, 93% of the Germans want him to stay, so it is inconceivable that he will risk offending 93% of his own people if not for the fact that he has been given a "clear green light" from USSF that he's got the job.

5) Looking at it from USSF's perspective, of course, Gultai will say the diplomatic things like, "We're looking at every available candidate, not just Klinsmann." My point is, for instance, if Guus Hiddink wants the job, and USSF wants him, we would have heard the rumors of negotiation process, which, I believe, began as soon the referee blew the final whistle of US vs. Ghana game, except, the person on the other side of Gulati's cell phone line was not Hiddink, but Klinsmann.


By the way, Klinsmann's birthday is July 30, so expect to hear some "surprise breaking news" in this space. We'll see.

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Arena has already a new job

and Klinsman has a company called Soccer Solutions

he is an advisor to several ML teams


I say that he is going to coach a premier league team, maybe even Tottenham

or Real Madrid.


I bet a keg Singha that he wont be the US coach!

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bibblies said:

Btw, isn't it funny how the Germans in this thread, after accusing the English of being over-nationalistic, completely lost interest as soon as their own team went out? :D

We germans don't have discuss things like you brits :)

We lost we are out, that was it!

You loose and you are still wining after years!

No, no, no... you don't get out of it that easily. :grin:


What I'm saying is that you were making a big show out of being interested in the whole competition, not just your nation, but when your national team went out you lost all interest in the World Cup. While we English continued to be interested in other teams and comment on the matches, you couldn't have given a shit anymore!


So much for your criticising only English supporters for their over-nationalism! :neener:


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Klinesmann loves southern california. Remember, he commuted from California. He wouldn't even move to Germany. He's very settled here. The USMNT is in southern California. Its a perfect fit.

I don't think its inconceivable at all. He won't move from America, southern California to be specific. I can't see him going to the EPL. Tottenham, a former club of his, is very happy with Martin Jol.

I'd be very surprised if he left America.

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Bibblies, I am out of it already, World Cup over, Pattaya at present! Girls first then football! I have a sick daddy at home, my time here is not unlimited. grabbing life over watching TV, that's okay! But I give you that, if Germany would have played the finals I would have been more interested but I wouldn't have posted more!


CS and all others it isn't Klinnsman nor Klinesmann

it is Jürgen Klinsmann :)


The place of residence discussion has a family background. He didn't wanted to move his kids into another school during the year and his mother was sick and in CA they had the best docs to treat her! He loves it, yes, but he is a business man like no other. I think he is the person who made the most money from the entire world cup, he had so many marketing deals that people already got pissed at him.


He will take the shot if Real or another top team will offer him a job, don't worry about that!

It won't be the US Team, don't worry about that either. The coverage in Germany about his current life is huge, what comes through to the international media is very little and tiny.


I see him as an advisor or even as vice president for the german fussball bund (DFB) or as coach for a top team. Klinsmann is also an very expensive coach, the USA won't pay for him and his staff + the research center, that'll be 10 million per year at least. He also won't coach them because they don't have the quality!


If it's gonna be a national team it will be a good one! Mc Laren won't coach England for long time, he has no charisma! I could perfectly think of that version that Klinsman is going to coach the English! Actually that is what the most germans I have talked to believe!

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when McClaren gets England to the Euros he will show he has the mettle.

he has worked with the England Players for many Years and is respected by them.


he has a good bunch of Players and with the right tactics England will improve.

don't forget that many of his tactical plans were dismissed by Sven out of Hand.


and McClaren was the Man who coached the Man Utd Players in the Treble Season.

Alex was the Figurehead but McClaren done the work on the training Ground.


at Boro he was in charge of a few big name Players,a few up and coming ones and a few journeymen.

i would imagine Managers like Scolari,Lippi and Capello would find success limited at Boro.


Charisma is not that important,even though Sven was a boring git.

Sir Alf was one of the most boring English Managers of all time,but still the most respected by Players and Fans alike.

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when McClaren gets England to the Euros he will show he has the mettle.....

Surely there's no question of England not getting to the Euro Finals, even David O'Leary could get them there. Getting there should almost be a formality, but winning the tournament, now that's another matter.


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I dont't disagree

and yet I do :)


having no charisma or beeing crappy looking

is no problem when you have success

once you loose the winning streak your bad look or missing charisma is breaking your neck. it makes one look weak and vulnerable for attacks!


All top players are kinda good looking, look at P. Crouch, he is the ugliest of the zombies and thats why he gets the most flames. It is an existing phenomenon.


Germanies Berti Vogts had to experience that,

he won the Euro and once he lost 2 games in a row he was fired. He is a great expert and a great coach but people simply don't love his face!


Not hoping that for Mc Laren of course, I am just afraid it will happen!

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