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German brewery


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This place has the same "concept" as coliseum.


You go there to eat-drink and enjoy the show and music and many like to dance.


If some people want the exact location I will ask my girlfriend to write it down with directions.


We went there on a friday night (booking is recommended and be very specific about where you wish to sit)


Me, my girlfriend, one of her office friend, her sister and one of her sister's shop friend).


Big building, basically a quite big concert hall with one stage and one upstair level arranger on the hall's side.


Food: Thai, but a few western dishes, suprisingly excellent German sausages (3 different sorts) and quite good sauerkraut.


Thai food excellent (knowing the huge food turnover it is surprising), especilly the seafood dishes.

Prices quite low as expected.


Drinks: bottle of green lable came at 2500 and black label at 1500 if my memory serves me well


all in all for 5 people the bill was 5k with one green label bottle, mixers, 2 cocktails, many na som etc...


Show: Quite good, especially impressed by the acrobat girl (who strangely kept looking at me during her performance), music quite good too.


Atmosphere: Very good, real sanuk at about midnight.


All in all: A very great place where to go in groups and have fun.


Exclusively Thai middle class clientele, only 2 farangs in the hall and both with their spouses Thai families.


Me the only "Asian non Thai farang face" in the hall.

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For people who like the Tawandaeng on Rama III, there is a new one (about a year and a half old) out by Lad Prao. It is very similar in the setup, has the same good home-brewed beer, and the same menu. The entertainment and mix of music is roughly the same as Tawandaeng on Rama III, same clientele although it is more for the suburban Thai. Fewer farang there. Much larger parking lot there if you live locally and have a car.


Got lucky and saw Carabao and the whole band play for three hours last March for 50 baht, but the trick was getting in and getting a new seat. I had been there a week prior and tipped the waiter well. He asked if I and GF were interested in seeing Carabao the next week. We said sure, but how hard to get a good seat since they get saved for all the "sen yai". He said his GF took care of seating for the place and gave us her number. We called persistently. She saved us great seats, 20 yards from stage, dead center, gave her 500 baht tip, great show, first time I had the good luck to see Carabao with Ett, Lek and Terry live.


Also, the new one is licensed as a restaurants and not a bar, which means, if you have children or friends who are underage to stay at the bar and watch the show, they can stay here until the show is true. At the Tawandaeng on Rama III, you will occasionally see kids and teenagers there if you go early, but they have to be out by 10:00 PM, even if they are with their parents. This is not so at the new one. I say this because it affects a few friends of mine who have teenagers who also like to see a good show.


Also, if you want to go on the weekend, Friday or Saturday, since this on is fairly new and further out, you can stil go there without a reservation. If you try to go to the Tawandaeng on Rama III on Friday and Saturday without a reservation you probably won't get in, unless you are willing to wait in a queue a long time.


This new Tawandaeng should not be mistaken with the other two existing Tawandaeng's that are off of Ratchada, one being more for the "wailoon" Thai crowd, and the other being the Tawandaeng Issan. Those are two distinct other venues.

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This new Tawandaeng should not be mistaken with the other two existing Tawandaeng's that are off of Ratchada, one being more for the "wailoon" Thai crowd, and the other being the Tawandaeng Issan. Those are two distinct other venues.

now i am getting a bit confused!

on Rama III there is one that is the original "Tawandaeng German Brewery"; entertainment is mostly "phua chivit" (songs for life) style

on Phattanakarn there are two Tawandaeng just opposite each other, one is with Isaan/Morlam Music and the other "phua chivit"

and then the one you introduced

there are buy the way as well "Tawandaeng" upcountry; i know one in Chonburi Province



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Yes, there are four of them in the greater BKK area. The two by Phattanakarn. Although the times I went to the non-Issan place, I would not call the music at the other "phua chivit", it was more loud "donthi wailoon", IMHO. But the music changes over time. The other one I introduced, the one off Ram Intra, is essentially a copy of the one on Rama III. The have the floor show and choreographed dancing early in the evening with the band and the singers taking over at about 10:00. Same menu and same beer, same prices, literally same everything as the one on Rama III.

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