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  1. Duty frees in middle east or europe are cheap! I let someone bring me directly from Cuba; 1 box Cohiba Esplendidos for just over 100 usd! in retail in LOS maybe 10 time this price!
  2. no, the frog was eaten by your french neighbor!
  3. and 2 girls and a impotent guy are a veggie sandwich then?
  4. with yourself? otherwise you would share the sandwich!
  5. hot and humid but not much rain here in sillypore!
  6. yes heavy rain today! hit me when i was driving on the highway. visibility 5 meters...
  7. raining for more than 5 hours already and it does not stop
  8. come with the aeroboat! Hua Hin is ugly during rainy season; let your goodthaigirl swim between all the jelly fish and she will give up the idea to buy a condom in Hua Hin!
  9. so what are you looking at? where? if it is a middle to high end one, i would wait as i guess prices will come down during next 24 months!
  10. Torney why so often to LOS? too much money or you want to get hit by demonstration and closed airports?
  11. well then bangkoktraveler you should travel to Bangkok; it's over 110 degrees Fahrenheit!
  12. wife will not let him meet dangerous boys!
  13. feckin WHO! who is WHO?
  14. Qatar? my heartiest condolence!
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