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  1. I'll second MPIH. For all his faults and misadventures, DC was loyal to a fault. I will really miss you, my friend. I spoke to him about a week ago, and despite his diagnosis and outlook, he remained optimistic and upbeat. He truly adored his wife and stepdaughter, and to their credit they stuck with him and supported him to the end. Rest in Peace mate
  2. I remember they called the ticket "Fritz & Tits"
  3. In the South, foreign auto plants are all non-union. So they don't have to provide UAW benefits, including their health insurance plans. WRT the Canadian trade agreement, that is old news. What is not old news is how quickly medical costs have risen at US based UAW plants, and how it is still at zero in Canadian UAW plants. Worth close to $20k per worker in cost savings. So while Detroit dies on the vine, factories in Windsor continue to not only do well, but expand I'd say "back to you HH", but I have obviously offended his California pension-sucking chicken shit ass, and he has put me on ignore. Gee, i am soooo offended.
  4. First, thanks HH and LK for the entertaining conversation. I was half waiting for HH to start a post with "LK, you ignorant slut!" Since you brought up Detroit HH, I was wondering if you were aware that Windsor, Ontario, just across the river from Detroit, is home to growing auto assembly factories. In fact, my new Lexus (oh, and thanks again for supporting that tax break for me) was made in Windsor. Now why do you suppose that is?? Union? Yep. Weak currency? Nope, Canuck-a-buck has been on the rise. Gee, HH, ya think that maybe, just maybe, healthcare costs factor into it? That maybe auto manufacturers are happy to have Canada's "commie fucktard socialist" healthcare plan so much that they would move assembly jobs just across the river to Windsor? Ya think?? Tighten the latches on your bunker, and chew on that big boy!
  5. Substitute CIA with her name, and you have Fox News talking points about Hillary Clinton!
  6. Damn! I just finished prepping for the killer bees invasion, and now this????
  7. Surely you jest (and don't call me Shirley). His post-"State of the Union" speech was one of the best "Mr. Rogers" impressions I'd seen in a long while ("won't you be my neighbor?"), but it effectively killed his presidential ambitions.
  8. A well reasoned and informed response HH. Well done!!!!!!!
  9. WOW! This could be the most nonsensical response I have ever read from HH. First would love to see your source on Liberals wanting to legalize drugs. I thought that was the Libertarians. And let's check on the demographics of drug abusers. I'm sure ole' Rush Limbaugh has that one covered for you. Secondly, I am not aware of anyone directly blaming the incident on Palin/Faux News/Beck/Teabaggers/whoever. What is being said is their (and your) rhetoric contributes to and encourages the nutters to pull a stunt like this. No one is saying that Palin actually asked this particular nutter to pull the trigger, but her rhetoric creates an environment that encourages the behavior. If you cannot see and/or accept that, then you have the brains of a flea. And lastly, leave it to you to bring up the abortion reference. Small problem there pal. Abortion is legal. Attempting to assassinate a politician and/or gunning down innocent bystanders is not. Nice try though. Time to go back to your bunker now. Count up your emergency rations and be sure to fire off emails to the new governor, begging him not to dismantle the current pension system.
  10. The last election proved that the 10% fringe vote is important in the primaries, but not so much in the general elections. See Angle, O'Donnell, et al. This, of course, is why the Republican party is worried about Palin. She COULD win the republican nomination, but I doubt she could win a presidential election. She, like the Faux News talking heads, is too polarizing.
  11. I disagree. They are in touch with a (thankfully) small segment of America. You can have a fantastic business being an entertainer to 10% of the population (as these idiots have done), but I do not think their views are even remotely representative of the populace as a whole.
  12. As much as I disliked GWB, I would NEVER have advocated for someone to shoot him, nor wished for his demise. So I vehemently disagree with your position. There are ways to dissent from political positions without resorting to or advocating violence. I have to agree with LK's position. This is like saying that the person shouting "fire" in a crowded theater is not responsible for people being trampled to death, simply because they did not do the trampling. It does not matter whose position one takes, the concept is repulsive. I also took offense to HH's "I would not mind it if someone blew away Pelosi" rhetoric. I know he would not personally resort to violence, but I found his position reprehensible.
  13. You seem to be of the opinion that it a government program does not directly benefit you, then you should not have to pay for it. Does that mean that for the 99.9999% of Californians that got no benefit from your employment by the state, and by the 100% of Californians that get no benefit from your retirement, that we should just drop all of your benefits and ask for our money back?? Oh, and there is nothing in the bill of rights that guarantees your pension either.
  14. In related news .... Virginia DMV revokes world's greatest license plate The rationale is especially illuminating!
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