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Small Business Ideas ??


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Hi All,


Just looking for some creative ideas for starting a small business in BKK.


Brief background. I live in Australia, Thai wife of 10 years, good family back in BKK. Brother is a good guy who just seems to get dealt crap cards. Had great job as fish food salesman (has degree in Aqua Culture), then business went broke.


Ended up as a limo driver for a Hospital Group for a few years but fell foul of internal politics, long story. Now out of work and struggles to find a job (mid 30's)


Have tried to get him over here to Aus for a fresh start, but immigration have knocked him back for visa multiple times. Life ain't fair. Another long story.


As an owner of three businesses myself, I know how hard it can be to fight the system, find a job etc. So 'fxxk it' I reckon, he should work for himself and stick a finger up at the pricks who try to keep him down. He's a good guy, hard worker and very trust worthy. Just needs a break. Seperated, young daughter and elderly parents to support, etc etc.


I am happy to help him start a small business in BKK. I don't have a lot of spare cash, but happy to seed him $10-20k to get him going. Maybe a lot more if the venture was really worthwhile.


The big question is, what sort of business to start? Something that does not require specialised skills, or at least the training could be quite short. Something not too high risk? Any ideas? Thoughts most appreciated. My wife and I have thought of, buy him a taxi, start an internet cafe, massage shop, but none of those sound too great.


What do you guys think? Things worth trying? Or equally things to avoid. A small up country knocking shop would be great! I could act as HR Director and do the recruiting :-) Not sure Mrs Sid would want us to get into anything unsavoury though :-(






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Some years ago, a buddy of mine was running an export/import business. He'd go to Thailand to buy, fill a container, ship it back to the States, fly back, meet the boat, pick up the stuff, and sell it to all kinds of businesses stateside.


Basically, the business was only required to be successful enough to pay for his annual long vacation ("buying trip") to the Land of Smiles, plus expenses, plus some profits.


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