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  1. Bull shit. Looking ems happiness just means they went to suk. Thailand has a huge range. Your fantasy's are not included.
  2. Don't do a threesome with a cop and you should be ok.
  3. What a awful website! http://www.ais.co.th/serenade/en/contact-for-join-with-us.html Can't find a email This happened to someone else I know, just called They will reply but they close I think 9pm thai time. Not too sure on that. callcenter@ais.co.th
  4. Flash - your not very up to date Close up from the war room pic in the other thread, note Obi has a PS4 actually!
  5. Nice pics of the war room watching events unfold
  6. Or you can decide it's the best solution for you economically, Economic slavery doesn;t sound cool though, so let's make up a bunch of other stuff so we get NGO $'s Seriously, a bloke I know in PP a few years back was commissioned to do a study on trafficking into prostitution, i.e. forced. Instead of the 1 million commonly quoted he found 400, a rather smaller number.
  7. It was a slow week in the village
  8. <> Unlike the USA which sends them to a trip to Cuba, which USA citizens aren't allowed to go too The irony!
  9. Agreed, GREAT city to live in, however no idea why a tourist would ever visit it
  10. Note to you, remember me saying "Aren't we starting to drink a little early?" Never mind - I have 2 other hotties keen, maybe three, I should be back in Bangkok about the 10th - I suggest we start a little later this time.
  11. Tiz true, very true I am not a drinker, I prefer to place my erect solid man thing into various young ladies, I prefer three times a day, I will settle for 2, nothing less. If you want sex with cute gals, and the odd tipple I am your man, if you want to drink to the point it painful to stay around, I am not your man, Young gals I lust for, women I love, beer is nice, that's all
  12. I remember my first Tech job overseas, being told I was getting X000 a month, thinking it was in Aussie dollars I almost dies on pay day, I was being paid in USA $'s! Aussie dollar then 53 cents to the USA I was getting about double what I thought was already a bloody good wage
  13. Gobble your joking right? The girls around here line up any time a single or hopefully single mate of mine shows up/
  14. No quite the opposite, I was always getting in trouble for fighting kids a lot older than me, why? Can I play the innuendo card too? Or would that just be a bad gay joke?
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