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  1. Don't do a threesome with a cop and you should be ok.
  2. I remember my first Tech job overseas, being told I was getting X000 a month, thinking it was in Aussie dollars I almost dies on pay day, I was being paid in USA $'s! Aussie dollar then 53 cents to the USA I was getting about double what I thought was already a bloody good wage
  3. I;d go with all of that except << 2. No Tenure / No Pension. A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when they are out of office. >> My thinking was you'll only get very rich people with self interest in congress otherwise. Then again this is USA where it seems no one gets a pension so maybe I am being too socialist for the USA
  4. Given it's a lot lower price than gold, and should be, it's prob a better investment in that to double your money will be a easier buy in, and quicker to happen maybe.
  5. If only O spoke like that all the time!
  6. FARK - since before he was elected the birth certificate has been on line! But lets not let the truth get in the way of a good story. By the way, Oboma is a great disappointment
  7. People have no idea that the weighing of silver rings when they buy them in Chaing Mai etc means NOTHING, Silver is essentially a cheap metal when making jewelery, Anyone want to buy stunning silver rings etc, I can recommend Angel Silver in Chaing Mai - the designer sadly dying soon it looks like, a great guy, and stunning art works not expensive and real silver
  8. Must read is "Caravans" by James Mitchener, the man predicted everything that's happened - from the mad mullahs to USSR/USA intervention. All this in late 40's! I am sure he wasn't the only one either. My sister and Brother in law went through there in the 60's, wrote a book about kids there. Thought it was pretty amazing.
  9. It's been far longer than 100 years already, the place isn;t much different since the kyber pass days
  10. Recently on a trip with my mum to many national parks, I got the usual "Thai" price, quite nicely, the Thai's where all very impressed with my mum being 86 and walking up water falls in national parks etc, so gave her thai rates as well! The PRIVATE places suck, much harder to get Thai prices, even though I've paid far more tax than majority of Thais ever will.
  11. I'm friendly with a Thai Chinese bloke, parents don;t speak a word of Thai, he's been here since a kid, but not that old, less than most of us. Whole family have Thai passports Interesting huh!
  12. Nervous God

    Hotel Food

    Look - it's all Father Tommies fault and that ex-nun he used to have, SHE taught the DarLek to drink red wine, before then she was a sweet little Thai/Loas girl, one night with the evil nun, she was "ANYONE SEEN MY BRA? DARLEKS DESTOY"
  13. The pics on teh website are good
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